Wednesday, July 22, 2015

the chicks of summer

 This is the longest we have lived in the same house.  Two weeks after we were married all the traveling started.  Assignments for 1 year...2 years...3 years.  And now 23 years later here we are.  In a house that has held a child from birth through potty training.  Amazing! That is an accomplishment!
If we move eventually that is okay.  I think.  Looking back I can't believe we moved SO MUCH.  It seems so exhausting.  So ya.. I think I will take that back-- the last thing I want to do is move again.

Today is the perfect peak of summer.  We just got through several hot, humid days and now upon waking this morning the humidity has gone out to sea and we are left with the freshest, dry air.  It feels so cleansing after being sweaty so much.  The breeze is blowing and the sky has big, puffy white clouds.  It is my mother's birthday today.  I think back to all the birthdays she had while I was growing up.  It is so perfect that her birthday is in the middle of summer.  She is summer.  She always loved the humidity and the long days of sunlight. She is a night owl, my mother.  She never breaks the rules but when I was growing up she bent a few, that is certain.  Oh crazy little lady, happy happy birthday to you!
And happy happy summer day to the rest of you!