Tuesday, September 29, 2015

at the fair

There is something for everyone at the fair.  The fickle New England weather was very kind to us that day.  When the sun got a little warm big puffy clouds would roll by and shade us for just long enough.
 I always marvel at the animals at a fair.  Farms are such hard work on a daily basis to imagine trucking a few animals to a fair with all the food and supplies they will need.  Everything must be planned and organized and where to park and sleep and find everything and be timely and the animals must be beautiful and groomed.  It is tiring to think about.
This is a rather large fair and it took us most of the day to get through. It is always inspiring to see such a variety of things, the pride of craftsmanship.  All the year through people have been making things, growing things...I'm glad this is a tradition still thriving.  I am sure the pride of a blue ribbon still feels as good as it did 100 years ago.
All day our young farmer talked about the cows.  And the tractors.  And the train ride.  Such an exciting place if you are 3.  Or 43 for that matter.