Sunday, December 13, 2009

another Fisher Price re-enactment

This is me and my husband. Welcome to our home.

We talked over having his squadron over for a Christmas Party. It kind of looks like we are about to kiss. We probably did.

We sent out invitations and I kind of sat around for a bit not thinking too much about it. Then people started responding and my heart started palpitating. I realized I had to clean the house and cook food. Then more people responded and I realized I would have to cook much more food and haul the dusty old chairs up from the barn. I became kind of jittery with nervousness. I have never prided myself on my cooking skills, haven't I mentioned to you when I met my husband I served his mother banana bread from a box mix?

The guests began to show up and hover in corners until there were too many and they were invading each others personal space. They are a fun crowd...all in all it was a good time. It's fun to see the young airman cocky and festive around the old guys. Little do they know it's only a matter of time before they, too will sport Santa-like bellies and talk too loud about "the good ol days".

There were many people in our house.

It got really warm as we had the woodstove going. I was wearing a thick cable knit sweater. Why am I so dumb to do that? We live in Texas! I couldn't take it off because I most likely had sweat rings the size of dinner plates in my pits.

The younger children didn't go to bed. They ate many helpings of cake and cookies and candy. Molly was shy hiding her face. Henry was loudly singing Wii Rock Band while shaking his butt to anyone who would look at him.

Someone brought a dog. I saw it in the kitchen as I was refilling a cheese plate.



Emily said...

Is this for real! So funny. I love the invite-hilarious. Boy, you've got a lot of Little People!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

This is hilarious. I called my hubby to come and read it! We just finished watching the Cowboy game (they lost! boohoo!) so the invitation really gave us a laugh! Love this whole story...the ending was great! You need to print it out and keep it! Happy holidays! Wish I had been there...I'm wondering what desserts you had! hhhmmmm!!!

Jeannine McCloskey said...

Oh goodness, you have me laughing so hard I had to wash my face because my mascara was running. Looked like you had a splendid time and are still laughing too.
BTW, I love those toys. What are they? and where did you get them? I want them for Olivia.

Barbara said...

You should do more Fisher Price re-enactments (or have more parties, or both.) Loved this! Thank you for prohibiting Dallas Cowboy attire; it was nice to see none of the Little People wearing it.

Leila said...

I love when your Little People channel your life!

We brought our dog to a party yesterday. My husband said he would be pretty mad if someone brought a dog to OUR party :) We did it anyway -- she was invited!

Anonymous said...

You brim with creativity and make the world rich with your existence. Thanks for spreading JOY, one of the characteristics of this season.
Rock on with those little people!


suburban farm said...

just about a perfect party and all you guests were smiling.

LB's Sewing Sanity said...

Thank you for being you....sweet, naturally, superb YOU. Thank you for sharing - I think you could write a comic strip using the Little People. So many people can relate to the Little People, on different levels...different generations...this is your ticket! Keep up the good work. BTW I'm reading We Took to the Woods thanks to your post/Dadman Diaries post.