Thursday, December 17, 2009


Today I remembered the Santa pencils I risked my life for in a dark closet at an estate sale over the summer. I'm proud I remembered them today a full week before Christmas, as it would usually be a couple years of holiday splendor before I would find them buried in my own dark closet sometime in June.

I sat outside this morning and watched our hens. They are molting and we are down to a few eggs a day. I take them for granted and vowed as I sat to not do that anymore.

I must finish this outfit for a certain little girl who has been anticipating tomorrow's holiday party for weeks. She is in the midst of creating many holiday memories in her young little mind. She has been doing everything with such drama...cutting, gluing, coloring. Glittering was on that list until last weekend's mountain of sparkle explosion. It turns out six isn't an old enough age to glitter by oneself.

What odds and ends are you up to? Isn't it nice there is still a week before Christmas? I hope it is a week of happiness for you.