Thursday, December 9, 2010

a mayhem of words

I recently went to an estate sale that had thousands of Raggedy Ann and Andy stuff.  It was crazy.  I refrained from taking pictures mostly because the guy that did this particular estate sale really gets on my nerves.  Every time I go to one of his I tell myself I won’t go back to another.  But I do.  By the way I only bought one raggedy thing: a golden book.  But I’m not having regrets as it was interesting to me to see this massive collection.   I couldn’t stop looking at everything.  I myself do love Raggedy Ann and Andy but not enough to have everything in the whole wide world with their faces on it. 

Luckily there were more sales and a few treasures to be found.

004 005 006

I love this mother silhouette, I found several but this is the only one I’ve cleaned up. 

I was having such a burst of energy last week with decorating and cleaning and baking.  It was so cheery! But I should have known it was a pre-gross-virus burst of energy b/c  all too soon I was having some really bad thoughts about everything I have ever had to eat in my whole life.  The little guys bounced back rather quickly and entertained me with questions like You sick, mom? Why you sick, mom? You feel better, mom? Why you still sick, mom?002

Henry drew a portrait of me as I dozed in and out while watching lots of movies, it’s pretty accurate.


My mother must have had some motherly tlc intuition as she sent me an envelope out of the blue with lovely things to look through. Thank you, Mom!  I love the old magazines, especially this one.


The articles are still relevant:


And there are many words that should still be used in our everyday speech like cookery:


Julia Child used the word cookery often.  I like it.

And how about toggery?


Especially Toggery for Tiny Tots.  I want some Toggery, don’t you?


Our local news said there is a lot of flu going around, I hope it isn’t where you are.  But if it is try not to think about enchiladas or eating baked beans or the way hard boiled eggs taste when you burp them up.

I always like to be of any help I can….



Emily said...

Ugh! We had that here Thanksgiving week. Amazingly, I escaped it. Thankgoodness, because it was brutal. Feel better soon.

Prairie Rose said...

I love the page where it says "long hours of exacting work has made me stale"
Tell me about it!
Love your treasures!
We are all well here so far (chugging O.J. and popping vitamins like candy;)
Hope you are back to your perky self in no time!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I sure hope you feel better soon! I like the things you've found lately and the sweet book your mother sent! I still think I should be a part of your family! heehee! I wonder which Golden book you got! Hope you'll post it soon! Hugs...from a distance!♥

Andi said...

Now. Wasn't that fun?

Barbara said...

I'm going to blame that final observation on the very high fever you must be running. I do hope you feel better soon. You don't look yourself in that portrait.

Unknown said...

Toggery is a very fun word. As is cookery, actually! Hope you're feeling better!