Friday, December 10, 2010

Over the Sink Link

Leila is having an over the kitchen sink link.  It’s fascinating to see.  Thanks Leila for sharing this!

It’s unique how many emotions get carried around the kitchen.  It is where I find myself for the good chunk of each day whether I feel like cooking or not. 

It would be difficult to complain about our kitchen as I have lived in some places with some, ahem, less than perfect conditions. It has everything I need and a bit more.  It’s not my dream kitchen, though. 


I bought the cactus on the right when we moved here- something about living in Texas and having a cactus made me happy.  The kitchen sill is my favorite place for plants, probably because it is hard to forget to water them when they are right there in your face each day.



Thanks for visiting my sink!


Briana said...

I like your holiday display. And how appropriate that you have a little hen up there sitting on her nest. I love the little family gathered on the window sill!

priest's wife said...

I just love your sink! and I must tell you- I saw your little people picture awhile ago- I am waiting for a few packages from ebay of my own 'vintage' little people

Leila said...

Your sink is just as neat, tidy, and pretty as I knew it would be ;)
Thanks for joining us!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love your kitchen...and you've put special touches around to make it yours! Very fun post! ♥

Jacqueline said... are full of wit and your sink is amazing...tee hee! You just crack me up with your dry humor.

I am on Santa's naughty list...I had a blogger email me and give me what for for not visiting her and it kinda took some wind out of my sails. My husband just said, get your butt up there and know you love it so I've arrived again.

Like you, I'm feeling chubby and sassy like your little people and that's got my curls in a knot too. One day I weighed myself and the next day there were 4 extra pounds...a bit of a frump but I'm thankful for my rump! It serves my sore bones well.
I'm tired of being an elf at Michaels. The place is wearing me out.
Dumping my snow on you tonight...none-sense for sure!
Happy days ahead...!

Leslie said...

awesome. very pretty. You are right... we stand there half of our lives, better have something nice to look at.

I would love to have a window with a view of mountain tops... Instead i have a gorgeous picture that makes my imagination soar.

have a great weekend.

Prairie Rose said...

You kitchen sink is lovely!
So clean and homey!
Love your curtains too:)
I like to put my plants in the kitchen window as well, mainly because of what you I dont forget to water...but they are also nice to visit with when you are standing there peeling tators or washing dishes:)
Have a great day, Kate!

Anonymous said...

A little haven! Beautiful :)

Linking up from Like Mother, Like Daughter.

Have a lovely week, Tamara

Andrea said...

Oh! This is so charming!
I love the MIL in Texas has a window like that over her sink. A perfect place for plants!

Dawn said...

I love your black and white and red kitchen! The sheep are very cute--Are they those farm figures that you can buy at Atwoods? I can't think of the brand but it starts with an S. Or is it an H? I think it might be from one of those Germanic kind of countries---how's that for definite? :)