Monday, April 18, 2011

a partial list of happy things

Though the smoke and haze around here won’t let us forget we are still under the threat of fire,  life is going on.

1.  We colored eggs.  And I realized that when I sat at the table with the kids they were giddy and happy and when I would step into the kitchen even for a minute they would bicker.  It was like an on/off switch.  This still makes the happy list just because when they disagree it is usually so ridiculous and as much as I don’t like it, it’s a part of raising kids and already I can laugh about some of the things they argue over.  YOUR EGG HAS BEEN IN THE BLUE FOR AN HOUR.


2.  K and I recently celebrated our anniversary.  We didn’t do anything “special” but we did stay home and I made roast chicken and potato salad and the Celtics were on TV and they won right at the last few seconds.  Happiness? I think so.

3. I came across this web site and fell in love.

4. And happily I finished a major work of art.


Can you believe I sit and do paint by numbers when my house needs to be cleaned and boxed and its contents shipped 2500 miles east?  Me either.  I am embarrassed to admit this, but I did most of it in my bed. 


I can’t stop doing them, it is so relaxing!  It helps to use a wet paper towel to clean the brush instead of water.  I wonder if Van Gough painted in his bed, too?

5. A while ago I read an idea using paint by numbers only I can’t remember where I read it..was it Cathe Holden?  Anyway she color copied paintings she bought at a flea market onto big sheets of paper (collage style) and used it as wrapping paper.  It was like totally awesome. 

And that is all I’s got.




Jemm said...

Your calm amidst the crazy is amazing.

With my kids it's the opposite. They argue when I'm around and are fine when I'm not. I think I must give them way too much attention when they argue and try too hard to make them stop.

Pretty horses :)

Dawn said...

So now I want to do a paint by number! Beautiful artwork. Your grandkids will want one some day so you'd better do plenty! Happy Anniversary!

Andi said...

Wow! Great painting! I don't even think I can manage paint by numbers!

And you already colored eggs? I don't know when we'll have time to get that done. I guess it will be totally hands off as we have a dumb old garage sale this weekend.

Not that I'm bitter.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I've been looking for a relaxing project...I may get a paint by number! It's been years since I did one and it looks like fun! I'm still reading Westerns...I may want to paint horses! lol I know...I'm a copy cat! Hugs! ♥ Oh...I'm off to see what website you like! ♥

Lap Dog Knits said...

I too live in a dry fire danger area.....good to see you move forward and keep life going as this is the trick to life - just keep moving and help those who have a fall along the way.
My best wishes to your neighbors who are having difficult trials at this time in their lives.

Kathy in Vietnam said...

Now I want to paint by number too! We should go to the "Lilly Pad" in Willimantic when you get home, they may have some there.

Briana said...

Well, with all the packing you do need to do something to keep your stress level down! My children drive me crazy with the bickering also. Sometimes I wonder if they will even like each other as adults! If I find the secret to making them get along I'll let you know!