Thursday, April 28, 2011


My neighbor’s horse had a foal, which as it turns out is a great boost when trying to not talk yourself out of a walk.


He is so cute and spunky (the horse, not my neighbor).  When he sees us he gives a newborn whinny and kicks up his heels.  You can’t help but fall in love with him. 

Yesterday the cows across the street must have been curious, too, as they were right up against the roadside fence.



Henry was talking a mile a minute as I was taking pictures.  He was asking questions like why is a cow a cow and why is a horse a horse?  You know those kind of questions that after a 100 or so make you have a permanent silly glazed eye look?  Well that is what was happening when this rather large beast was coming over a little too fast.


We backed away and watched him for a bit.  He is a hulk and that is a mighty thin piece of fence wire separating Ferdinand from the human race.


By the time we looped around and came back the cows were gone and the little horse was napping.


Henry got tired, too.  The wind came and rustled through the wheat. (is that wheat?)


So we went home and both took a nap.

The end.


Andi said...

Lol (or ctm if you remember Dawn's new catch phrase)...Yes, that's wheat. And yes that post is all sorts of sweetness. Your wheat looks much better than ours. Ours is sad and thin and makes me weep for our local farmers. Farming is such a blessed yet hard life.

Prairie Rose said...

What a darling foal!
Its hard to be sad or thoughtful when there is baby animals around:)

Dawn said...

As a professional (farmer's daughter!), my analysis is yes, that is wheat! And I'm thinking Ferdinand would be scary up close and the foal is huggable!

Kathy in Vietnam said...

can you please bring that foal to CT? Will it fit in the minivan?

Jemm said...

That most definitely looks like wheat. Wow, I can't believe it already looks like that there. You guys are so far ahead of us. Crazy! Aren't baby horses that cutest things!

Penny said...

Dearest Freckled Hen - I love, love your header! I have subscribed to your blog, after finding you through a comment you made on a Wordless Wednesday post. Your FP button drew me in for further investigation and much to my delight I found your header. =)

Your "sweetness" post is aptly named. I felt like I was on your walk with you; the pictures were the perfect touch.

Blessings to you and yours,


Leslie said...

Holy Cow ~ that thing was a beast!!!!
What great pictures.
Have a great weekend.

Jacqueline said...

I love stories down on the farm! In Once Upon a Fairyland my dad made a little scene which was called "Down on the Farm" and it had a barn yard of little wood animals and a bull...a play one!
My goodness that one is huge and even intimidates the blog world just looking at him! Almost as though he could charge through the screen!

My love and prayers in your loss of Peter also. Sad I'm sure but peace that he had a good life with you I'm sure.

I'm happy to be back commenting and will be back soon. I got so caught up in lots and lots of work hours opening and now closing my little store...oh boo hoo!

God bless that mama horse giving birth to that sweet babe!