Monday, September 12, 2011

sunny with an undertow


We went to visit Auntie M and Uncle N.  It was his birthday and because he is crazy and loving and kind we brought our gaggle of kids and a cake and sang to him. 


He lit the candles three times so he and the kids could blow them out, and he sang louder than everyone else.

That is why I love him. 


The waves seemed angry, but the blue sky countered that.  There was a hurricane off shore (Katia) and made for some scary  great wave riding.  We were  swimming kind of far out and having a great time until Maggie, Sam and I were alone and the waves suddenly got enormous, banging into us one after another leaving no space to inhale oxygen.   We were stuck in the undertow while our family sat lovingly on the beautiful deck eating exotic cheeses and wine.   Even though I couldn’t barely breath and my belly was full of sea water I could not stop laughing.  Maggie and I would cling to each other and laugh hysterically.  Eventually the waves spit us closer to shore and we crawled through the gravelly part on our hands and knees with every ounce of strength we had left.  We laid on the sand and ventured up the bluff where everyone laughed thinking we were just goofing around in the water.  So we sat and ate yummy food thinking:  did that all just really happen?


Needless to say it was great fun but I didn’t let my kids go back in the water.


I have been a poor blogger lately.  I need a master plan as each day my list is too long to get done.

Send me some inspiration!



Barbara said...

Here's some inspiration for you, lady: Don't tempt fate! I'd have been terrified, but I'm glad you survived your wild wave ride.

Emily said...

See, this is why you should have stayed in Texas! Isn't "undertow" just a less scary way of saying RIPTIDE!

No inspiration here. I just the other day found a printable "chore list" for grown ups. I printed it out but don't know if it will help me stay on track or not. Maybe ;) Stay out of the water when there are hurricanes, even offshore ones please!

It's Just Dottie said...

You are so brave but I understand I too love the water and would rather be there than anywhere.
I would loved to have shared some of that cheese and some small waves with you,my friend.

Prairie Rose said...

Looks like a super fun weekend!
the ocean is stunning!

Unknown said...

On the beach in Hawaii, we got pulled out and I thought we were goners. The ocean was so calm looking. Then, scary and deep and exhausting!

About blogging--I'm afraid my inspiration has left me. Maybe we only come programmed with so many posts and I've used mine up????

Andi said...

I was in a blogging slump, then pumped out three posts in one day! I actually scheduled them ahead so that the genius wouldn't leave me. Now I will undoubtedly be bereft of ideas for months to come.

Kathy in Vietnam said...

It's apple pickin time, went last Sunday. Maybe you can find a beautiful orchard near you, we would love to hear about it!

The Dadman Diaries said...