Saturday, August 27, 2011

old and lovely


This is the neighbors house, I walk by it everyday and look at it imagining all kinds of historical scenarios.  Today I got to go inside and hear all about the history and it was even better than my imagination could dream up.

No one lives in it and the historical society opens it periodically.  I suppose I could tell you where it is and if you really want to know you can email me but for now I’ll just say it is in a small New England town.

The same family lineage lived in it until there was no more children to pass it on to.  It ended up in a distant relative-by-marriage hands and it sat empty full of stuff for many years.  She donated it to the town. 

The stuff is cool!  All kinds of books and toys and carriages and furniture that is actually still in the crates it was ordered in.  The last man to live it died unexpectedly in 1878 as he was making some renovations.  There are rolls  and rolls of wallpaper he ordered and carpets and I hope your mouth is watering as I was walking about with drool.


I wasn’t able to take indoor pictures (wah) it’s magnificent in the sense that things have stayed the same and the glamour is clearly evident amidst the aging and settling.  The third level is a ballroom with an arched ceiling and you can almost hear the guests making their way up the two grand staircases. 


This town was a busy place in 1800 when people were getting rich with textile mills.  There are many old glorious houses here.  By the mid/late 19th century it had kind of settled into it’s small town vibe as the railroad went to other textile towns and people went elsewhere to get rich and be social.  I think it’s okay though as they left behind these great old houses.


I wish I could go in each one!


Jemm said...

Wow. That is one BIG spralling old house. I am a bit (OK a lot) jealous of you. When I take a walk here I am lucky if I see anything or anybody. There is nothing around, especially not grand old homes like that. So, how'd you score a tour?

Andi said...

Yes, I'm drooling. Love the pics.

Briana said...

Amazing! What an awesome adventure.

Leslie said...

wow!!! How amazing! You are so lucky to have such beauty and history so close.
Have a great sunday

Jacqueline said...

Thank you for sharing. As you know, I post on Storybook Homes quite a bit because they all have a story. This is a Storybook Mansion and oh, such a delight to see. It's such a bummer we could not peek via camera inside!
Summer is still here and every summer I slow down a bit on commenting do to the fact we only have a couple of good months with sun in Washington. Everyone is outside. Lots of day trips to farms for fresh goods and flowers and some thrifting and fun.
I've started my own card line and I'm having a blast creating it. You can see it on my second blog... if you have time to peek oneday.
Love sent and back to you soon!

Prairie Rose said...

What a place!
Can you imagine living in a place like that!!!??

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a wonderful area to much history! I thought of you this morning! I had to turn my book into the library without finishing it! lol I read over half of Oliver Wiswell but we are so busy right now getting ready to go to Florida that I wrote down the page number and turned it in. I hope I can find it at the library in Florida! I had just started the section on Paris! It's such a great book! Hugs! ♥