Friday, August 5, 2011

worth every penny

Last year I bought a small cookbook called Picnics and Tailgates at a discount store and I find myself using it often.  I love every recipe I have tried.  Williams Sonoma put out several in a series and I was happy to see they are being sold used rather cheap.  Like a penny kind of cheap (.01).  I’m splurging on two for a whole two cents.


The chopped chicken salad is my favorite, I make it huge with three heads of lettuce as I like having the leftovers in the fridge all week for lunch.

Since we are talking about Williams Sonoma cookbooks I will tell you about a larger  one called Family Meals. It isn’t set up like a traditional cookbook but it has some great stuff in it. And the paper in it smells really good, I’m not sure why but it smells like good matte paper fresh from the printer.    I will be trying the blueberry jam recipe this weekend as today the kids and I picked 25 pounds of blueberries. 


We hadn’t been blueberry picking in years.  It used to take all day to pick 25 pounds and now that the kids are grown it only took a couple hours.

We are big fans of the kids book Blueberries for Sal and while Henry thought blueberry eating picking was mighty fun he was on the watch for bears…..






Unknown said...

Yum! That salad looks great! Aren't you glad you had Henry along to keep you safe from the bears!

Prairie Rose said...

I just love it when we find such a priceless item such as a excellent cookbook!
The salad looks so yummy!
Have a great weekend:)

Andi said...

Blueberry picking? Jealous. We are surrounded by dead foliage here in Oklahoma. Glad you are settled in. OH, and in regards to your previous post: I actually like the blue floor in the entry way.

Anonymous said...

I would love to have that chopped chicken salad recipe. Looks like it would be great for potlucks/reunions. Could you share it with us?