Wednesday, August 24, 2011

chicks and a couple cute guys


Our chicks finally arrived.  I was a nervous mother hen as they were a couple days late in getting here, but they are here and keeping warm in the brooder. 

Molly and I put some of them in a doll buggy and paraded them around the yard because I like to do stuff like that.  And so does Molly and so do the chicks as they really seemed to enjoy the late summer wind blowing their fluff about. Isn’t that good information to know?


We ordered five varieties of heavy breed laying hens from Murray McMurray and have a total of 29 chicks.   I highly recommend M. McMurrays we have been ordering from them since forever.  They have peak shipping times depending on where you live, the season and what type of birds you want. 



Last weekend some of my family came to visit.  It still is amazing to me that we live close enough for anyone to drive their car here and visit.  We sat outside and ate food my husband cooked on an open fire, then we all went to the children’s fair the church next store has been having every summer for 150 years.  It was quaint with games for the kids and various sales for the grown ups.  I bought way too many books at the used book sale.  At least that is what I am told by everyone that was with me.  My opinion is that I could have easily bought many more books (sigh).


Having our sibling’s kids here to play is just about the greatest thing ever.


This is my brother Mike.  He is a cowboy in case you didn’t notice the plaid + hat.   He likes old houses and went everywhere in my house even the dark basement parts and told me stuff about how and why they built things the way they did in 1820.

I realized as I looked at this picture that my youngest kind of looks like him, minus the dinosaur.


Do you have anything left to do on your summer list?  We are down to the last week before school and I’m hoping to have something fun accomplished.  My older kids are really nervous to start a new high school.  Maggie is going to be a senior and Sam a freshman.  I’m glad they are friends and have each other to lean on b/c I kind of feel bad!  Such is the woe of a military family always uprooting their kids.


Maggie and Sam and the truck Maggie dented in our back pasture last year then laughed hysterically until she cried.


Jemm said...

That sounds like a terrific time! I am so happy for you that you now have your family so close. I hope you guys aren't affected by the hurricane there. I guess by the time it would reach you it would hopefully have died down a bit. Take care.

Andi said...

Beautiful pictures. Beautiful chicks. Love the doll stroller. I think every chick deserves a ride in a doll stroller at least once daily.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love that little baby buggy! Looks like you're getting all settled in! I mentioned you on my post just now! Hugs! ♥

Unknown said...

So I'm copying the others--I love the doll buggy! And it cracks me up that you were taking the chicks for an airing in it. I'm sad--summer's over here and school's in session so our summer plans are over :(

Bee Haven Bev said...

I just found your blog and have to say that those chicks in the carriage are just too funny!!

Have a great day,
Bee Haven Acres