Monday, March 4, 2013

seeds of growth

Things outside haven’t changed much in the last couple months. 

Cold. Snow.


Talk of more snow.

February 9, 2013:


March 4, 2013:


It doesn’t upset me exactly but I think my innards are starting to realize it’s March and I miss the sun and being frolicky outside. The snow is too high for the younger kids to walk in, they have a little cabin fever.


We bought a large lot of  old outdoor stuff at the auction last Friday.  But I am thinking of hanging these on the barn wall instead of trying to use them and eventually harpoon my feet upright in the snow.

My brain has been full of thoughts of spring and the garden.  I want it to be magnificent this year but don’t I say that every year?  I like this stage of dreaming about it so just go with me on this. It will be great, right?  I ordered starter potatoes and planted everything that can be started indoors.



If the snow ever melts (it will, right?) I will plant my favorite cool weather crops and before I know it things will be growing out there in that artic land.

It just seems too good to be true!


Dawn Castor said...

Snow here only lasts a week or so. When we get it. This year was the first significant snow in about 3 years. It was about 2 feet deep in our yard Tuesday and today it's all gone! Enjoy your cold weather and your cooler summers!

Prairie Rose said...

Starting seeds inside is liking starting seeds of hope:)
Spring will come!
Cant wait to see those plants when they are big.

Juniper said...

Still so much snow?! Wow. Perfect time to start the new little seeds and start dreaming of spring blossoms.