Thursday, March 28, 2013

the post where I free myself from tuna casserole


Yesterday I made the comment of watching too many Mad Men episodes and setting the table with vintage Pyrex.


After reading Jemm’s comment about Butterprint dishes I thought I’d share some Pyrex.

Well the plates aren’t Pyrex in real life but I suppose in my brain they are as I use them with it.

I used to be so guarded about using vintage things with so many kids in the house. 

Something in me changed about ten years ago and we use it often now.  It’s okay if it breaks.  Kind of.


I had to control myself with collecting Pyrex, there are so many great patterns.  We move too often, so I settled on two patterns.  Butterprint is my favorite and the brown stuff reminds me of my mother.  I think I ate 1000 tuna noodle casseroles in that brown dish.

FYI I don’t really like tuna casserole.  Sorry, mother but I feel so free for admitting that.



Jemm said...

Love your Pyrex! I have seen those dishes before too, super cute. Maybe I will do a Pyrex post next....I haven't been so disciplined ;)

Dawn Castor said...

Love the Pyrex and the dishes! Detest anything with the word tuna in it! Except for the 'Greater Tuna' musicals!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love the pretty aqua! I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend with your sweet bunch. I thought of you today....I went to a book sale at the library. I was wishing I could run by and pick you up to go with me. Sweet hugs!