Friday, November 1, 2013

what’s hangin?

This sea captain picture is.


I understand you might not like it. The frame is outdated and it is not quite as cool as a vintage paint by number.  But I like it so much.  I waited through a very long auction with little kids in tow just so I could leave with it under my arm.  And as you can see I did. There is something about weathered old sea captains. 


Also I framed and hung this colorful relief map I bought for a dollar years ago. I would like to have a map wall inspired by one I saw on pinterest (darn you pinterest).  I have a few more maps to play around with but haven’t been able to get the look I would like. Part of this is because I like to pay $1 for vintage maps.  This limits my choices drastically. Maybe I should refigure my pricing allowance?

That is what’s hanging around here. So many projects!

Mostly though I’ve been busy enough with kid stuff.  Not too busy to enjoy the World Series…did you see that?  Those bearded wonders?  What a great team and I guess it is no longer just an opinion- they are the best in the world!








Dog Trot Farm said...

Boston Strong!!!Love the photo of little Sawyer, he is such a handome little guy. I do believe he and Travis Lloyd would be best pals...Hope you are well, greetings

Dawn Castor said...

My collection of paraphernalia, vintage, junk, whatever is limited by the amount I'm willing to part with also! I like things best that cost a dollar or less!

UJ said...

And it wouldn't surprise me to see you all on the Championship parade route in Boston!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Look at that cute little Red Sox fan! He's getting so big! He might like to see my post was a fun one to see and to write! Love your map and art! Sweet hugs!