Tuesday, January 21, 2014

saddle up


Was it my last post I spoke of winter and staying home?  Because haha the joke was on me…my husband is tdy and the kids caught that miserable flu that is going around. After a few days Ken called and was sick and I caught it, too.

Now we are recuperated and I am so grateful to have most of us better.  It’s time to chip away at the iceberg that is winter and force a few bulbs, maybe plant some seeds.

Our warmest room in the house is the playroom—which is a finished off attic.  This is where we have mostly been.  Molly has taken a shine to sewing and stitching.  She and I do this while the little boys play cars and fisher price.  It is such a good feeling when we are up in that room playing and watching the snow fall out of the giant window.

When I was down and out I watched several french films on my ipad.  Watching them has quenched something within me, much like reading a good book.  Modern movies seem to require a lot of patience from me.  It is hard to sit still so long and not feel like I am wasting my time.  Maybe this is just me.  Anyhow I recommend this one:

The Well-Digger’s Daughter


OK c’est tout! Au revoir!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

arctic hunger

These temps have driven me into the kitchen to keep warm.  Hadley has gone back to Texas and the kids back to school.  Maggie still has a week before her school starts up again.  We like to sit in the kitchen while one of us bakes.   Today I made a double batch of teeny cookies. Just a bite to help wind down that holiday sweet tooth that has taken over. Sawyer spends this time dragging in his ride on toys and books. It’s a happy mess!







Hope you are warm and cozy in your nest.  Winter to me means staying home, it feels too troublesome to go anywhere. 

I am window shopping through the Murray McMurray catalog—getting ready to place our chick order for February.  Soon enough the seed catalogs will arrive and I will be in full fledged garden swoon.  Spring dreams keep me going through these cold days, that and maybe a couple cookies :)

Sunday, January 5, 2014

on being a daydreamer

As a girl I chased my dreams around the big grassy hills on Jackson Road.  I heard them in the waves that rolled onto the coastline.  While reading books like “Dicey’s Song” I befriended the main characters and went on their adventures with them. 

I used to dream about my husband.  It was never a question of who he was as silly as that sounds because even when I was in the single digits of age…I knew it was Ken.  I knew he would be tall and strong, that he would have dark hair and want as many children as I did.  I knew he would love it when I baked bread and wore an apron, that he would sing silly songs to make our children laugh.  I never doubted any of that.

The one thing I never daydreamed about was the middle aged years.  I knew our children would grow but I never thought about it—there’s a difference there.  Each day I wake up is a little tiny bit different than the previous, though when I wake the first thing I do is change a diaper which has been the case for  just about all of the past 20+ years. I like it this way!  What will I do when Sawyer is potty trained and can get his own breakfast?  I guess I will sleep in a bit.  And I guess when Ken’s career slows down we will spend more time together and find out even more about each other.  That thought makes me happy.

I still feel like that child with the dreams.  I hold Ken’s hand with the same sense of awe I did when we were first married.  I remember having to call him my husband those first years of our marriage and how it always made me laugh.

Now we are grown adults and that makes me laugh equally as much.  We have a mortgage and pay for our kids college instead of our own.  All those little changes each day have added up to some pretty big ones over the years. 

Still, he is the person I daydream about. 


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

ye olde Christmas






The New Year started this morning.  It’s a frigid morning with a large snow storm on the horizon. 

We had a very nice Christmas and I hope your holidays were enjoyable as well.  The pictures above are from Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts, a special evening called Christmas by Candlelight.  We went with my brother and sister, as kids we grew up near to OSV.  It was a good time seeing familiar faces and  having fun to include lots of laughing and some singing.

My wish for the New Year are simple.


I’m a worrier by nature and am determined to change my ways!

Happiness also means more making of things.  I like to make stuff.

Happiness all around…for everyone! It’s on me!