Thursday, October 1, 2015

autumn trails

Now that October is upon us I am more determined than ever to trek around all the beautiful local trails I live near.  Today was a start.  We began at a state marked trail than somehow intertwined within a cross country ski resort.  Up and down and all around we put one foot in front of the other.  I tried to teach Sawyer about ferns.  I sang songs about them, made up poems and stories.  We chanted fern, fern, fern.  An hour after we arrived home I showed him a fern in the yard and asked him what it was.  I could see the smoke come out of his ears trying to remember the word fern.  Oh, you silly boy.

So much adventure on just the first day.  I can hardly wait to see what tomorrow brings!


UJ said...

Beautiful.............and nice to see they named a trail after your family.

The Dadman Diaries said...

Next lesson, Poison Ivy!
Loved the pics, looking forward to you sharing more walks with us!

The Dadman Diaries said...
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