Thursday, August 4, 2016

ye olde stuff

It is enough for me to collect things and later resell them, just having them pass through my hands for a bit.  Less often lately do I feel the need to own something.  I do enjoy repurposing an item or cleaning it up and making it worthy of ownership again.  It's funny to me as I overhear my kids claiming items as their own, it is so important to them and I know I was the same way growing up in a large family.  I guess we are lucky as rarely do we have to live without, maybe if used books and household items weren't so readily available we would all cling to the stuff we have.   As a hobby business we have several auctions a year, we will occasionally buy out an estate.  I think this is what is helping me realize stuff is just stuff.  One can look at it, buy it, and own it...but it becomes a problem when the stuff owns you.  Use your fine china!  Use your linens! Use your things!  What if you grew blue ribbon vegetables in the garden but didn't eat them because they were too pretty?
Just a few thoughts on Thursday :)