Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Apron of the Week 2

This apron is from a box of goodies from my mother. Her grandparents saved everything. I mean everything...they were lovely people and lived during a great time. She labeled everything and why it had sentimental value. Through these little notes I feel like I know her. She was born in the late 1880's. She lived through her children and her love is still strong within her things. Does that make sense? My grandfather always said he had a perfect childhood. He was taught well as he was a storybook grandfather to me. It is always a special gift to receive a box of hand-me-downs from my mother!

Things have been crazy at home being the last week of school but luckily I have found time for some sewing therapy. These quick pj's for Molly used a yard of gingham, a Michael's $2.50 shirt and an iron on from the thrift store.

I was attempting to take a pretty outdoor picture of this shirt when the yard service people showed up in ambush fashion...I felt a little silly having to stretch and reach my shirt from a tree and skip da lou into the house. Anyhow this pattern (New Look 6775) has several nice styles, I will try a dress next.
Sesame Street is over, which means in short I must go. Tootleloo!


Dawn Gahan said...

I know what you mean about "love is still strong within her things." I've blogged a bunch about grandparent things handed down and how much they mean to me, so I soooo get it.

Such a cute PJ set; love gingham!