Sunday, May 18, 2008

a happy weekend

Everything is beautiful...the weather, my family, the crowded flea market, the weekend art festival. I wish the weekend could last forever. Sigh.

But yes, let us get back to the crowded flea market. I found some great stuff today. The box of patterns is my favorite. There are some great dress patterns. The pitcher set is just lovely. It reminds me of my Gram. She was such a dear woman. She was very elegant but yet pretty and feminine. What would she think of my t-shirt and bad ponytail habit?

I am really trying to put my best foot forward with my emotions and our upcoming move this summer. I think I have braced myself for the move and often wish the moving van would arrive today. It is all the unknowns that get to me. I am really trying to think in a more positive way. I gripe a lot about how often Ken is away. I need to stop! 15 years is a lot of griping! In the big picture we are blessed with our family and his job.

My two oldest Hadley and Maggie are always full of fashion advice for me (and trust me I have lots for them). Maggie did my hair this weekend and I actually like it. It's nice to have a fresh perspective. Although this is the same girl that wanted to wear mustard yellow tights and a skirt with Converse sneakers.

Lastly here are a couple new sundresses for Molly. They were both very easy. The blue and yellow is a Project Runway pattern. The pink and green one is a Holly Hobbie fabric from last year. I had to force myself to cut into it.
Thanks for visiting my blog...I hope your weekend was beautiful, too.


Dawn Gahan said...

Your pictures scream Happy Weekend! What finds . . . all of them. Not being a very brave seamstress, I'd have a field day taking all those vintage pattern envelopes and framing my favorites.

The pitcher and glasses are just begging for lemonade. Love the pattern. It too reminds me of my grandmother.

I'll keep you in my prayers what with the upcoming move and all that entails, emotionally and physically. Has the house sold yet?

Have a blessed week, dear girlie!

The Gahan Girls