Thursday, May 29, 2008

Little People Everywhere

It all started out so innocently. As a new mother I just wanted basic imaginative toys for my daughters. Nothing that had a battery operated voice or buttons that bleep and beep as they are sitting upside down in the toy box. I had several of my own little people from childhood. As my girls bonded with their new "friends" I was buying them when ever I saw them. I couldn't say no to anyone, they are so cute with their little plastic faces (the toys, not my children). They would be sitting at the bottom of a box full of junk toys and I would dig them out usually for a quarter. But those days of finding 7-8 at a time are gone. Now people have them neatly lined up on their flea market tables asking way too much money. Though at times it seemed I was obsessed digging through other peoples things just to find a green bald-headed little man...I am glad I did. When my kids are grown I imagine dividing them up into equal collections so they too can see the loving hands of their own children playing with their plastic friends.

Speaking of being obsessed, I got way too carried away playing with these people today. Here is our family...
Freckles and all. Ken is away from us for a couple more months. This makes my heart hurt. Plastic smooching isn't the same...

I love my family, all 300 of them.

PS Our cat is old and grouchy...what a trouble maker!


Dawn Gahan said...

Absolutely love this post. The kissing wooden couple is to me what blogging is all about . . . creative thinking channeled into even the littlest of things!

P.S. Thank you so much for your sweet comment post-surgery! And the smoke detector comment made me laugh out loud. I'll share that with friends and family. Hugs to you as well!

lera said...

I just bought 4 and a taxi at a flea market a few weeks ago. I also found a phone booth, stoplight, stop sign, and some road cones. I'm not sure if they were FP or not, but I bought them, too. I think they were charging like 10 cents each and I bought 9 pieces. Sweet deal. We love the FP Little People.

Daisys Little Cottage said...

Well your blog is just divine and now you are a friend of mine
old dolls and little bald green men make me want to live my childhood all over again
your writing talent is to be endeared
a mother of 5 is a force to be revered
kindred spirits we certainly are
Im now adding you to my sidebar!
miles of smiles