Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Gingham is lovely. It is almost always present in my favorite projects. From aprons and curtains to self made bias tape, I often have to restrain myself from over using it. Maybe it is the clean lines of the check and the crispness when it is freshly ironed. I almost always use a touch of it when I sew for my kids. Even if it is just fabric covered buttons, it always adds the perfect touch.
My project list is long with this house, I am planning and cutting now and waiting to sew until the kids start school on Monday. This is bittersweet as I assure you my house is very loud and the kids are somewhat bored, a change is welcome but I will miss them all day. Their silly humor (Sam's fits of laughter until he has his drink come out of his nose), all those questions like today's, "why do people litter?" Why do they litter? We witnessed a middle aged respectable looking woman get in her car and throw a large fast food drink out her window. Anyhow, I will miss them as will Henry who will certainly be lost without his brood of siblings/entertainment.
Tomorrow will be a little more back to school shopping. The teenagers are telling me they need more clothes, yeah right...they need more clothes like I need more fabric. Oi, oi, oi.