Thursday, August 14, 2008

Welcome, horse

Ben, a miniature paint horse became part of our family this week. He is so sweet and cute! Whether he likes all the attention from his new family of seven has yet to be determined. His owner is moving away and gave him to our neighbor who kindly asked us if we would like him. He is 10ish and needs a little TLC. But what better for a horse that needs TLC than five kids who all want to comb and primp him. He is doing very well, it's funny how quickly we fell in love with him. If I stare at him too long I get choked up (No, not because of dander). I feel like I have been waiting for him for years when in reality his arrival was so sudden. His nose is like velvet and he has that yummy (debated by some) horse-y smell.
I think I am forever trying to find connections to my childhood, I am not sure why but Ben definitely quenches a huge part of me. Childhood was too fleeting, with lots of issues we grew up real fast. But one constant for us was my Grandparents and the land. We lived on 200 acres of rolling hills with all kinds of corners to hide...woods full of brooks and wildlife and pasture land to run full speed through. Each season had its perks from sledding to swimming, it was hard to pick a favorite time of year. My brother Mike and I are forever bonded from the times we spent on that land. Our siblings are somewhat older and were in the midst of creating their own adult lives, a notion we scoffed at. Why would we ever want to leave?! But alas, yes we did leave...I left for far away travels and he for a place right around the corner. My heart still hurts for leaving. This is why Ben makes me happy. He touches that sore spot in my heart that wants to sit on the porch with my brother while the frogs "gullurp" their evening symphony.

Wow, I think I was just my own therapist. It's nice to write while the kids are sleeping. My head can actually hear my own thoughts. Now I must order some fabric for the dining room curtains and this to use as a backdrop in the glass kitchen cupboards. I think. Maybe?