Tuesday, August 26, 2008

25 freckled chicks

These chicks are pure joy! Well alright, they are very messy scratching their pine shavings through the brooder's wire walls. They poop in their water and feed tray and act insane over a crumb of toast. But yes, to me (their mother hen) they are pure joy. They are on their way to being freckled hens (barred rock), their fluffy soft birth fuzz is slowly being replaced with more grown up feathers. They look a bit awkward actually. But they are so fun to hold, we managed to put a tiny bonnet on one. I have dreams of calico aprons and kerchief caps...just you wait!

I was able to fit in a bit of sewing today. It is strange having the kids in school. My heart isn't used to Molly in kindergarten. The whir of my machine was a comfort. It's hard to live in a new place, I'm trying hard to be happy!


Dawn Gahan said...

Tough being in a new place and with your little ones off to school. I remember when Harleigh was little, I looked forward to her coming home from school like it was Christmas!

The chicks are darling. How's the pony doing?


Hedy King said...

Pretty soon, you may realize you ARE happy. Keep trying to be. You have a beautiful life.

little dresses said...

Oh my, chicks are the best! We have raised several and they are so much fun! Now they are big (about to start laying eggs) and we still enjoy them.We have lots of land so they can just roam during the day, they peck around in my front yard and fight over bugs, they are so funny! I love your little chick picture, we may have to try that with our next batch ;)