Tuesday, September 2, 2008

household neglect

My blog needed a new face. It has taken several tries and I'm still not sure about it. It has been an investment of my time! Usually when Henry naps I clean and cook and if I still have time I sew. After the long weekend the house is well...messy. And here I sit, tap tap tappin at the keys, like there is no laundry to be done or supper to make or CLUTTER to be picked up. Henry is going through a stage where he'll take the stash of cloth bags from the play kitchen and fill them with anything that will fit. His stash comes from every room he ransacks. He's ruthless! When he needs a bag he empties them wherever he is standing at the moment. But yes he is cute and he's definitely Mama's baby. His curls must soon be cut off as the last three strangers to say hi while out and about have called him a girl.

ironing to be done

clothes to fold (this is two of five loads)

potato salad doesn't make itself, but the potatoes are cooked, I get points for that.