Sunday, September 21, 2008

blah blah and more blah

One of my favorite things about being a military family is living among different cultures around the world. Each place we have lived has changed me, I am grateful for this. Sometimes these changes are immediate like when I watched Turkish women hunched over working in the fields under the very hot sun as the men sat in the shade playing backgammon. Other changes happen over the course of time. Shopping is one, the way I shop now is very different than the way I shopped fifteen years ago. I cannot say exactly why this is. I suppose some of this is due to age, being thirty six with a bunch of kids is much different than being young and more carefree. I am drawn to efficiency and things made with love or thoughtfulness. My son and I have been building a chicken pen and today my hands are sore from the poking wire and my crooked hammering skills.
But this gives me satisfaction. Even though our pen is not level (at all!), I am glad we made it.
We learned many ways to do it better...I hope he retains these lessons. It is a parallel for much of life.

Having said all that as a transplanted Connecticut girl living here in Texas, I am often surprised at the culture here. I love learning and seeing how people live. The schools we send our kids to are very small, they have welcomed us with open arms (literally!). On Friday I watched as a Dad dropped his kindergartner off in the morning, I sat with my mouth open as the Dad was a cowboy right out of a Louis L'Amour novel. I have seen many western dressed people but not any I could picture on a horse lassoing cattle.

I think it was this experience that made me realize while thrifting that these jeans were calling Henry's name.

There is much to take in, to learn and be respectful of. I often dwell on wanting to go "home" to New be around family and all. In the meantime I'll just saddle up and enjoy the ride.


Dawn Gahan said...

Have just caught up on your posts! And I've missed visiting you. The work/life balance for me is a bit off kilter. I try to keep my own blog populated with current stuff, and try to squeeze my "visiting of friends" in as often as I can.

Anywho, the kids look adorable. Henry in his little jeans. Those will definitely be worth saving and making something out of someday.

Have a wonderful week! And enjoy the nip in the air!