Friday, September 5, 2008

yard sale find

Having been through another move I find myself not so thrilled about thrifting lately. We were over our household goods weight allowance (again) and this layers on a nice slab of guilt. As a family we love to collect books, so much so the movers always ask us if we own a library. But the books don't weigh me down (hah), it is the abundance of stuff I have. The stuff that I know will never make again. I like to be organized, I guess my mind thinks if it is all neat and sorted it doesn't mean it's too much.

I went to a yard sale today and found this lap desk. It was still in the box. That's a definite sale, right? $2 and still in the box. I didn't have to deal with any mystery grime . But it didn't give me my usual yard sale adrenaline rush. I will give myself another couple weeks to perk up and do some thrift store digging, if not send my sisters out to do an intervention.


whilmsically said...

Oh yes, please seek yard sale intervention. I'm going through yard sale withdrawal. The last time we yard saled together was just delightful. You have a lovely blog. I'm proud of all you accomplish with your busy life.