Thursday, April 30, 2009

cheery thoughts for a rainy day

We have been in some desperate need for rain. Yesterday Texas proved to me that once again things are done in a bigger way here. It's not just a cheesy saying on a postcard.

I was out and about early somewhat embracing my to do list among the cloudy skies. I was envisioning the gray days of my home in New England when a soft gentle rain would fall and tap against our old farmhouse windows. That wasn't the case here. It rained buckets. When cute toddler boy and I walked the 20 feet into the post office it looked like we had been in a dunking booth. I have been rained on in many places but never like this. My hair immediately went into shock. It curls and frizzes and I start to resemble a cross between Little orphan Annie (before she was adopted by Daddy Warbucks) and an Irish Wolfhound. It is a given that when this happens I will run into people that I know-but-not-very-well-but-have-to-say-hello-or-it-would-be-rude. You know those people? That is the negative of being a military spouse. Moving so much it is rare to elevate your friendship into one of being able to laugh at someone's hair or that their son is jamming his mother's keys in his mouth to make himself gag (why does he do this?). So we greet and say things like "it was nice seeing you" or "if you need anything, please call". And in this case I walked away making duck noises with my sandals.
This is why I made cupcakes yesterday afternoon. To cheer up the day. Nothing is more welcome than coming home from school and seeing a plate of cupcakes on the table.

Three things to be happy about today:

1. It is so green outside.

2. The birds are singing with joy most likely from the rain and the worm buffet they have been given.

3. I will talk to the man I love most in the whole wide world in seven hours or so.

Happy Thursday.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a cute post! I really can imagine the 'wet hair look'! But I did click on the link to see the dog! lol I'm sure the cupcakes cheered everyone and your phone call was heartening. I'm sure he loves to hear about everything you and the kids do while he's gone. I'm so proud that he's willing to make our lives safe here in the great USA!

Dawn Gahan said...

Those cupcakes scream cheer. Perhaps I need to pull out the mixing bowl and make me a big ol' batch.


Emily said...

It rained like that here today too! Yes, it's not just Texas that does things up big. It's pretty much Texas on through the Midwest I think. Hope you have a nice phone call :)

The Pink Birdhouse said...

Those cupcakes made me crave one too, I háve such a big big sweet tooth. I can only imagine a bit what it is like to be so far from your husband, if it is anything like living across the ocean from ones parents and sisters when only 23 then i know how painful the separation can be. As for the military life, a really good friend of mine went thru it for 20 years and I got a feel for the hardships of it thru her. If sending you a hug thru this comment can help put a smile on your face, then here is a really BIG one coming your way. Add that hug to those delicious cupcakes and maybe there is hope for today to turn out okay after all!! Keep smiling, inspite of it all, Debby