Wednesday, April 15, 2009


This I am certain about: I need to plant things. This is more than "I like to plant things". I really mean that I mean it. Really. I mean it.

sugar snap peas

It's true that I can't immerse my hand in compost or manure and stir it up like a bowl of cookie dough. I have to wear gloves and even then the manure part of it kind of makes me nauseous. This is canceled out by the splendor of tiny seedlings emerging from under their soil blanket only to be coaxed by the warm sun and a splash of water to grow, grow, grow. See what I mean?

This is our first planting season here and the earliest planting zone we have lived in. It feels weird to me to feel behind already and it's only mid April. I have much to learn, the soil is very clay-like and I'm worried about eventual root rot...even though we added sandy topsoil to the garden it's still pretty packed solid. Nonetheless my gardening "therapy" will continue as I dig and plant thinking about life and its wonders.

I try not to think about Connecticut and the nook and cranny greenhouses scattered among country roads with mossy rocks and lush green grass. Instead I think of Texas and the hot sun and cowboy hats and steaks and pick up trucks and how my neighbor called last night and I couldn't understand a word she was saying (I reckon the deal was her accent) and yellow roses and how our place is a "ranch" not a "farm" and fire ants that bit between my toes because I was wearing flip flops in a pasture (I mean a corral) and junk like that.

I'm also thinking about this skirt and how much I want to make it.

The pattern is Anna Maria Horner, who inspires me to no end as we are close in age and both have many kids but um...she is a cool designer with gasp factor creativity and I am well...not a cool designer but I did once make plaster hand molds of my kids hands.


Various and Sunday said...

hi there! you write the cutest posts. i love that skirt, too. i just bought some fat quarters from miss horner. she is gasp-worthy, isn't she? reason i got the fq's: there are actually purse patterns that you can make using fat quarters. imagine that. :o) now, the hard part: make the darn purse!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Love catching up on your blog! you've been busy lately and I don't know how you keep up with kids and everything you do but I'm glad you spend time here and share your photos and life with all of us! Happy Spring, sweet friend!

The Pink Birdhouse said...

Hi there! I was so very pleased to see that you had found my blog and dropped by for a visit via Jemm's. I am thrilled to "meet" new people. Thank you so much for the nice compliment on my blog. It is very pink, which is so ME. :-) I was reading thru some of your posts, and I really like how you write and what you write about. It is as if I am sitting down with a friend and a cup of tea and having a nice chat about our days, what we have done with them and what we still hope to accomplish in the hours left to us! A cozy and very nice feeling. I can really relate to many of the things you write, because I too have 5 children, and know how hectic the hours of a day can be. I think you and I would have much to discuss, over raising a family, trying to be creative in between, and just getting thru! I hope that you will drop by again, I know that I will be here on your blog. Take care, fond regards from Germany, Debby

Emily said...

I love Anna Maria Horner too!'ll get used to the growing conditions. Just think of the tomatoes you'll grow! We grow great tomatoes here in Kansas and I bet you can too. You may want to try raised beds for your garden.

Anonymous said...
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