Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Did you know?

Did you know I bought this book yesterday because this illustration looks like a plumpified version of my wee boy? I also wish they still made buggies like this. I should be taking Henry on more walks.

Did you know yesterday and today I had a red cabbage and pickle sandwich? And no I am not pregnant.

Did you know that house plants are really good for you? I think we all knew that, duh. But skimming this article makes you want to go buy more plants. The Boston Fern is a good one, and they are at all the large chain stores this time of year. I bought this one in a five inch pot last August and have cut it back three times. The top ten house plants for removing toxins are:

Areca Palm
Peace Lily
English Ivy
Weeping Fig
Rubber Plant
Dwarf Date Palm
Boston Fern
Gerbera Daisy

Did you know when we moved from the States many years ago to Turkey we left behind our piano. An antique piano we had restored and hauled cross country four times. My brothers are not sad we no longer own it as they each probably have hernias now from moving it for us (thanks, guys). But for many months I cried over that piano. I am certainly not a gifted pianist but the comfort it gave me was sorely missed. Ken surprised me with this modern version one Christmas and it has brought me endless joy. And to the joy of my brothers it weighs 19,995 pounds less than the old one. I am a sad pianist meaning that feeling blue is when I play the best. Did you know I will be playing the piano an awful lot (stress the word awful) now because these bags mean my lovely dancing bear is traveling away. He is away right now and will return for Easter weekend before he leaves the country.

There's not much to say about this as I know he is in the Air Force by choice and it is inevitable for him to go but at the same time I get swallowed by emotions. If he wasn't so durned lovable this wouldn't be so difficult. It makes me cry until I laugh at the absurdity of missing him. Have you ever done that? Once we were saying goodbye at the airport and we both were laughing hysterically through our tears, sounds strange but it only made me love him more.


Emily said...

Oh, I am feeling so bad for you. I'm glad you get to see him for Easter though. That is something. I'll be thinking of you.

Various and Sunday said...

Oh sweet girl, your hubby news saddens me. But he'll be back soon enough, right? I loved your other "did you know"s. You're so funny. Piano hernias!!!

The Dadman Diaries said...

I still have this horrible memory of being pinned against the back of an amazingly hot rented truck, with a particularly heavy 20 ton piano resting against my um, er, um what should I call it? Until your rather dashing husband came to the rescue. I don't think I've helped you move since then have I? Big Hugs to you both. He'll be home soon and home soon for good.

Anonymous said...
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Laura said...

your crying turned laughter has ME crying and laughing now...I think I am in love with your husband, too...or perhaps it is yet, just an another emotional day over here!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Oh yes, I DO understand having our loved one away and in the military. You know that I know your heart. It is NEVER easy to say goodbye at the airport....never. Just give him a big hug from our family and a "thank you" for serving our Country.

hugs to you, too.


Brenda said...

This is such a sweet and sad post. I can't imagine what it must be like to say that kind of goodbye.

Where did you live in Turkey? For how long? Doing what? Did you like it? :)

I was in Istanbul for 2 years, teaching English. I planned to work only a month in the summer, but met my sweetie just a week after arriving, and didn't have the guts to leave. I'm glad I stayed! :)