Monday, June 22, 2009

of course!

If you knew how much stuff I had to do this week you would roll on the floor in hysterics. It's quite funny. I am amusing myself with my list. If you are a mother you know very well the accomplishing chore list while kids are awake vs kids asleep ratio. That is to say any chores accomplished while children are awake and running full speed through the house can be accomplished in a quarter the time if they are sleeping. Therefore I type and stroll through the house like I have not a thing to do until 8:00pm. Then I turn into a mad woman on a mission. Maybe we should sew ourselves some superhero capes and unitards? With my luck my cape would get stuck in the washing machine agitator and I would sprain my neck and have to lie still for a week and read books and watch long documentaries about the wild west. I will seriously consider sewing myself a cape.

Am I annoying?

Sometimes I annoy myself to no end.

Shall I annoy you with one of the bookcases I bought recently?

I painted it with paint left over from the chicken coop--a kind of willowy green.

Bookcases are always welcome in this house. I added the old medicine cabinet from my grandparents which will most certainly attract a nerf football, because that is just the way things go.

By the way painting a bookcase wasn't on my list this week. Neither is organizing my fabric stash. Which maybe looks dorky? But it's convenient to see what all is there instead of digging through trunks.
We are leaving for vacation soon. So of course I would paint a bookcase and sort through piles of fabric. Isn't that the way things go?


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love your fabric stash and I am having fun looking at some of the titles of your books...Grandfather Frog and Jerry Muskrat are my favorites so far! Oh, and I love Winston Churchill books! Great bookcases and wonderful collection of books! Enjoy your vacation!

whimsically said...

This is the way of a woman...last week, 2 hours before my in-laws arrived for the weekend, I'll I had left to do was mop the kitchen floor and tidy up....I found myself on my hands and knees taking out four rows of pavers to see why they kept buckling...oh a few tree roots needed to be removed, resand, reset the pavers.....oh and why not remulch the beds on the back of the house too....needless to say I was mopping the kitchen floor 2 minutes before they arrived and I smelled like a barn!!

book case looks lovely! Good Job!

Jemm said...

Whenever housework needs to be done, I suddenly become very productive elsewhere in my life/home. I love your new bookcase and I want to do the same with my meager fabric stash too. You are SO NOT annoying. You are super cool in my book :)

Shelley said...

I know what you mean.What women can accomplish when the sun goes down. When my children were small I got much done in the way of housekeeping after their stories had been read and they were fast asleep.
I love your bookcase. The color is great. Books are some of my favorite things.Well,maybe not all books(smile)! I did want to say,you have some beautiful children....


Laura said...

yeah, I take on the biggest cake orders as I am walking out the door for a trip...and I also have a dresser I found in the garbage on my back patio that needs to be sanded and painted...and I have gifts to wrap...and bills to pay...and rooms to organize...and the kids ARE HOME.

wish me luck

Brenda said...

Nothing annoying or dorky at all! I love the organization. That's pretty funny, the image of moms looking all laid back till kids' bedtime, then the cape comes out. I like it!