Thursday, June 18, 2009

The good and the bad

I'll start with the mother flies out today. She has been here a month. I think we drove her crazy.

The good...we leave for vacation next week and will see her there--so there is still plenty of time for more crazy antics.
The bad...we have a long drive to bring her to the airport today.
The good...While we are there we will pick up my father in law and brother in law. They will be taking care of our little ranch of sorts while we go on vacation. (The "of sorts" refers to a grumpy mini horse and a small flock of hens) Isn't that a very nice thing to do?
There is more good... Pops ordered these little peepers that arrived yesterday. He is a farm boy in every sense but now living in a condo in FL. I love that he will be here tinkering around and has 30 little chirpy friends to nurture.
Aren't they cute?
Can you guess what they are?
They are super tiny, but not bantams. In fact they aren't even chickens.

They're pheasants. Chirp chirp.

So really, as you can see it's really all good. The only bad around here is that I'm still in my pj's and didn't I say I have to drive to the airport???


Leila said...

But at least you are blogging. That's the most important thing. For instance, I signed off on my blog for the next two weeks, I have a stack of wedding issues to deal with, but here I am commenting on your post.

At least I'm dressed, nyah!

Jemm said...

I WISH I were home in my PJ's! Those are the cutest things EVER!