Monday, June 8, 2009

little girl's guide to egg collecting

It is an important job to be the designated egg collector. Think about the hard work each beautiful hen puts into one of those fragile brown wonders. Think of the cakes, cookies and custards that result from our flock. And what about that soft boiled/ salted wonderful morning egg sitting pretty in an egg cup? We love our eggs and our fussy hens.

That's why we hired this particular egg collector.

She's prompt- collecting the eggs like the cable guy from 12:00-7:00pm.

She's careful- only dropping the whole basket two times, which is good considering she spins the basket on her little wrist at 77mph.

She will tell you collecting the eggs is no trouble at all.

But after careful observation I will share two recommendations...

1. Wear blue shoes.

2. Wear a bikini.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How precious! I could find some blue! I bet those eggs taste wonderful! I LOVE eggs!

Leila said...


She's got it all.

And the table...?

Various and Sunday said...

So cute! What a great memory for her (and you!) to cherish all her days.

Laura said...

I was sold on becoming an egg collector...until the bikini part. I would be great, with out the bikini.

whimsically said...

Ohhh at last...a lovely post. I've missed your daily posts from May. I'm going through Freckled Hen withdrawal! Thank you for your continuted inspiration! Sis

barbara said...

Too cute!