Friday, October 2, 2009

if only he could read

My darling son,

Will you please use the potty? It's a P-O-T-T-Y. It doesn't hold cars or puzzle pieces. Or even the cat.
*readers before you think I am an unhygienic mother please note this potty has never, let me emphasize NEVER, been used in the way it was intended.
Henry, love, where were we? Oh yes, I remember how excited you were last month in IKEA marching through the store with your new potty on your head. But it's time my son. It's time to cut out the theatrics. Just go on the potty. That's all. Just go.
Is it me? One would think after training four kids before you I would be an ace at this. Am I out of patience? (yes)
Is this the worst parenting job EVER? (yes)
Do you love me?
Because (and I say this through my tears of frustration) I just really really want you to go.
That's all.
PS I love you, too.


Ashley said...

oh the joys of potty training. My little Caillou pretended his potty was a soup bowl, and slurped loudly his imaginary soup out of it. The potty also served as a dog seat for the chihuahua, cracker and cookie holder, and toy box. Caillou will be 3 in December and is getting better about using the big people potty for pee, but he also enjoys using the grass, the floor, and sometimes even my mothers cat box. When it comes to potty training, HELP!!!!! Good luck, I am sure both of our little guys will get the hang of it eventually. We can only hope!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

After raising four sons...all I can say is....I think I will cry with you! I'm sure we will both feel better then! lol

Juniper said...

Oh how familiar, my sister just called this evening in near tears complaining of the same thing, her son just refuses to go and it is driving her mad (he is 3 nearly 4). Good luck, I wish I had better words of wisdom. Hope you enjoy the weekend,

Leila said...

Ha ha ha...

There is no "experience" with potty training.

It's all just a muddle and usually a puddle :)

He's awfully cute!!

Jeannine said...

God is really testing us during this time, isn't he? I will tell you this. I worked forever on my son, and finally after the fourth time I gave up. All the doctors - and some are good friends - told me to leave it alone. He was 4, and I finally told him that he could not play with his friends, because they were in school. When he asked why he was not in school, I told him it was because he was not potty trained. Within a week, he went potty on the real toilet. Another good piece of advice that was given me, was to have the boy sit backwards on the toilet. He will feel more comfortable. Two weeks later, he was completely potty trained. Sometimes we have to be conniving moms in order to get something accomplished. Hang in there, you will get through this too. However, it sure does feel good to vent, doesn't it. LOL.

beck said...

I know how you feel, and it's funny because my fifth child was the hardest to toilet train! She is four now and has only just managed to keep on a clean pair of undies all day. Before that she couldn't make it to the toilet in time, most days! No.1's wasn't too bad but oh those No.2's! So, I get where you are coming from, hang in day it will be a distant memory! xo