Tuesday, October 20, 2009

paper trail

A while ago I gave my six year old a marble sized amount of poster putty. This was the green light for intense redecorating in her tiny little room. I slowly became aware of this as I tucked her in at night and would have to duck from the paper chains and whatnot hanging from the ceiling. Who knew just a tiny bit of putty could hold so much?

Yesterday was the day when my energy level matched the couple hours I had in the afternoon...don't you love those days? It's hard to clean out her things... there are countless little papers decorated with crooked crayon hearts that say "I love Mom and Dad". And even one that said "I am happy".

Her room has potential for something unique. Perhaps floor to ceiling floral wall paper? Maybe something with an Anne of Green Gables feel to it. Or maybe a buttery yellow with lots of white and pinks and greens? Anything is better than these peach colored walls and rose colored carpet!


Robin said...

what a great girl you have there - showing her creativity with a little bit of putty. i love the "i am happy" sign. it might as well say, "i have great parents!"

Briana said...

Beautiful room details. When you figure out what goes with rose carpet, let me know. Our downstairs is covered in rose carpet and rose tile.

I like the Anne of Green Gables idea.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How sweet! You'll have lots of fun decorating her room...with her help, of course! Enjoy this special time!

Jemm said...

I was admiring your solid color walls, pretty curtains and shelves. I have 30 year old floor to ceiling floral wall paper in my 2 girls' rooms and I HATE IT!!!!

Juniper said...

The buttery yellow sounds perfect for a bright cheery space for your daughter, so sweet that she wrote I am happy. My children are just learning their letters now but i look forward to when they are able to write down their thoughts.
BTW hope you have had the chance to rest (and get some pampering) (love the part about crumpets), all kids home sick must have been exhausting!

The Pink Birdhouse said...

HI! funny, I recently gave my daughter some of that putty too and she not only had fun re-decorating her room with it (you are right, it does hold all kinds of things in place!!), but she would sit at her desk working on homework and play with it in her fingers! She can be a bit fidgety, my youngest, and I noticed that the putty kept her more concentrated on her work. I now have putty on hand all the time!! Have been reading thru your posts, and have enjoyed coming by to visit. Sorry that I don't get by more regularly. Seems I have been missing out on some good stories!! Hopefully the rains have left. It is the same here, gone from summer right into rain and gloom, and I miss summer's green too. have a good Saturday, warmly, debby