Thursday, October 1, 2009

vanity and an invite



The vanity was part of a four piece furniture deal. Do you like it when I tell you how much I pay for stuff? I like it when you tell me how much you pay for stuff. There are many deals to be found. Often people are so overburdened with generational hand-me-downs that they just want to get rid of it. It makes it even better when you can load it on the spot and drive away. Truthfully though I always look naive. I think this is my natural expression. Staying quiet and making a ridiculously low offer puts the ball in their court and more often than not it works out. That is how I paid $20 for all four pieces. All I really wanted was the vanity. I unattached the mirror and though it is pretty I will be using the vanity to sew on and didn't want to be staring at myself all the time.
I usually don't mind grime but won't ever buy something that smells (like cigs or like they had 50 cats). This had lots of what I am guessing is hairspray coated on. I actually used a straight edge razor blade to scrape through it all. Then sanded, stained and varnished and used Brasso on the handles.
Since you're here I might as well invite you in. My sewing corner is in my bedroom. This is what happens when your house is full of children. It is a large room which at first was wonderful having had many tiny rooms over the years. But lately it has slowly been overtaking the bedroom, in a really bad way. With Ken away it is more like a craft room with a bed tucked in. On any given afternoon this room can turn into a wreck with riding toys and kids doing cartwheels while I try and finish something. Makes the old-librarian-lady-who-likes-quiet-and-organization in me go wheely cwazy.

So come on in and do a few cartwheels and Henry will drag in the bean bag chairs so you can jump from one to the other. Apparently this is very fun.
Just don't sit on the bed. That makes Mom wheely mad. Can't I have just one place that stays neat and tidy????

Thanks for coming by.
It's October 1st--that means it's Blogtoberfest. There is a list here of people participating. I'm too busy this month to participate but it will be nice to read through the list.


Leila said...

Oh! You did an amazing job! It looks like a brand-new expensive piece of furniture! I'm not even sure about using it as a sewing table, I have to say! I think you should make your guests get their oeufs a la neige or coquilles saint jacques a l'orange off of it or something :)

Only if I did that I'd have to say, every time, "oh, I had to scrape the hair spray off with a razor" and then my kids would want to duct tape my mouth, so better to have it where it won't arouse conversation, other than on the blog, of course.

You do like everything neat and tidy. It certainly doesn't look to me like kids have been bouncing off the walls there... it all looks lovely.

Jemm said...

Wow! What a wonderful job you did on that vanity. That must have taken forever. Or did you do it since your cupboard post? It looks brand new. I love your sewing nook. Very cozy looking.

UJ said...

Wonderful job!! Nothing beats a project that rewarding. AJ loves your bedroom!!