Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Crafting Cupboard

I bought this cupboard last week for a couple dollars--yeah I know you are thinking I paid too much for it. But you have to look past the 60+ years of grunge and see the utility in what was once a well made cupboard.

It just took a couple cans of spray paint, handles and a yard of fabric to bring it to life.

Tune in tomorrow when I share the vanity encased in three generations of hair products:

Kind of makes you want to go wash your hands, eh?


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

HA! I know what you mean about hands! I like to use those Clorox cleaning towelettes when I'm out and about looking at vintage things! Love the 'new' cupboard! You made it look fresh and new and ready to use! You're so organized! I LOVE IT!

Ashley said...

OOOOHHHH! I am absolutely green with envy!!! I have had my heart set on a crafting cupboard. What a wonderful find! Have a happy day!

barbara said...

I love it. That's a real inspiration! I'm going to give a cupboard like that a second look next time I see one.

Emily said...

That is awesome! I wish I could find one of those.

Beck said...

Great find Mrs Hen!! Well done! Our house doesn't have a lot of storage space so I'm always trying to find places to put things such as the crafty bits. Can't wait to see what magic you create with the next project xo

Leila said...

Love it!

Can't wait to see what you do with the vanity. It certainly has potential, after you dip it in goo-gone or whatever! :)