Monday, September 14, 2009


The weekend was full and busy with Friday night football and celebrating my lovely daughter's Birthday. Shall I go on at how fast she grew up? I vividly remember my husband driving 20 miles an hour home from the hospital with our tiny little bundle. It really doesn't seem like 17 years ago.

Hadley, you have brought such joy into our hearts and not only have you grown into a beautiful young woman but a dear friend as well. Your Dad and I love you so much!

We celebrated a day early and decided to spend her actual birthday in Dallas. A treat as it is nearly three hours away. But unfortunately this happened:

As we were stopped at a red light we were hit from behind by a teenager with a large jacked up F150 pick up. No one was injured, which I find amazing as my car was full of kids and the little ones in the back seat were covered with glass. I am overwhelmed by everything about this. By the "what if's" and at just how blessed we are to all be okay.

Having said that let me vent for a moment (or two) at how I feel about the parents of this teenage boy who could only mumble "sorry" and say or do nothing else. I found him on facebook tonight and noticed he had posted on his iphone while at the accident scene "just had my first wreck". This boy is a small 16 year old and has no right driving a vehicle such as this. Is it wrong if I share a picture from his facebook?

As a mother of teens I have seen over the years kids who are given everything they can imagine wanting. This child could have easily injured or done worse to my family. Thinking about this has been the most traumatic part for me. I can't get Molly's cries out of my head. But then God steps in and I take comfort from Him in the fact my kids are okay. They're beautiful and strong and have been such wonderful gifts since the day they made that slow drive home from the hospital.


UJ said...

To you and the Kids, So sorry to read about the unfortunate accident that spoiled the festive day! Glad you'e all OK, but I know it'll be in your minds forever. I hope charges were filed and he has to answer to his actions.

Leila said...

Oh my. Scrolling from your beautiful daughter's face to the back of your van was a bit traumatic.

I can only imagine what the real thing felt like.

I actually think it would not be a bad idea to share your post or something like it with the boy's family.

Maybe your husband has some input on this, even if from afar. Maybe hearing from a serviceman/family man is what that boy's family needs.

It is actually a perfectly normal response for a 16-year-old boy to have -- "not my fault" to "that was intense" to "look at me I'm the man!" -- they all act that way.

Which is why they need the SMACKDOWN, preferably from their own family. But you can be the catalyst!

He's a sociopath in the making...or else a solid citizen if he gets the SD.

Leila said...

By smackdown I mean a combination of things: letting him in on the other possible outcomes of his actions, which he simply doesn't have the imagination for; letting him know that the small voice inside him that is saying "shame" is the true voice; letting him know that we all make mistakes, sometimes by being dumb and inexperienced and brash, and that the best thing is to own up to them; and letting him know that it's not okay to do otherwise. If his own parents don't do it, someone else has to, you know? Better you than his parole officer later on down the road...

Sorry to go on and on...that's why they call me Auntie Leila :)

Rosa said...

I am glad to know everyone is safe and sound. We had a similar accident last year. It was minor, but I was angry. The driver was driving with a suspended license and had no insurance. As my 5-year-old boy says, "Sorry doesn't cut it."

And you have every right to post that ridiculous vehicle, he seemed to find it post worthy to show the world wide web. I hope his parents discipline him by removing the vehicle from his possession for a period of time.

And Happy Birthday to your lovely girl.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

OH MY! That is terrible but I'm glad everyone is alright. Be sure to watch them for any soreness or headaches over the next few days. I would say something about the teenager...but don't get me started. I was SO strict with all of mine! Happy birthday to your precious teen! She is beautiful! Take care and God bless your sweet family.

Briana said...

Happy Birthday to your oldest! So glad no one was injured.

Jemm said...

What a beautiful young woman you have there. What crap that it was spoiled the way it was. That is totally apalling that he would be posting on Facebook at the accident scene. I think I'd definitely get in contact with his parents. I'd want to know if it were my kid. But, on the other hand, they did raise him to act like that, so they may just take his side. Thank the Lord that you and your family were OK.

beck said...

I love the beautiful photo of your daughter, she just glows! I am so sorry about the accident which must have been very traumatic. I hope you are ok and glad nothing worse happened. You seem to know how blessed you are with your lovely family and this is a good thing. They are indeed lucky too to have such a caring and loving mum xo

Jeannine said...

I am sorry to hear about the accident. In Europe it is required that all vehicles have their bumpers at the same height, so things like this don't happen. I wonder when our government is going to catch up with the rest of the world.

I agree with Leila. I think you should contact the family and make them aware of how much it hurt you to see that on the internet.

Thank goodness everyone is ok. What a beautiful daughter you have.