Saturday, September 5, 2009


1. Today I turn 37.
2. It doesn’t feel different
3. though I found a few gray hairs recently.
4. This past year I have discovered many new things about myself.
5. This is a good thing.
6. I feel more empowered than I ever have
7. Though I am very shy. Still.
8. It’s okay to be shy--
9. I just learned this.
10. I like sports, I am not shy about playing.
11. I like to play hard (and win).
12. My husband is deployed and I miss him every minute of the day.
13. Really I do.
14. I like learning about the past.
15. We had our first child when I was 20.
16. The oldest child is in college and the youngest age two.
17. If we eat out the waitress will ask, “will this be one check?”
18. and I want to say yeah duh, these are my kids.
19. But I don’t.
20. I am freckly
21. and have braces
22. I tivo Jimmy Fallon everyday
23. Blue birds are pretty
24. so are morning glories
25. I have never had a cup of coffee
26. or a beer
27. but I like tea
28. I like to laugh
29. My sister can make me laugh until I feel like I will pass out.
30. Once many years ago we were shopping and the clerk sneezed/farted
31. It still makes us laugh.
32. I wish I lived on a sprawling farm near the sea with horses and sheep.
33. With a large old drafty house
34. and a barn that smells musty when it rains
35. I worry too much.
36. I count the days until K comes home
37. and we are all together again.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Happy Birthday! I have felt like we are kindred spirits ever since I found your blog! I love learning more about you and I have a post started with a blue morning glory as the first photo! We always seem to think alike. I am proud to know you and have so much respect for your husband. You have a wonderful family and much to be thankful for..and I am blessed to know you! ENJOY your special day! I'm sending you birthday HUGS!!! HAVE FUN! Eat CAKE!!!

Ashley said...

I love your post. Happy Birthday. I also love bluebirds and morning glories, have never had a cup of coffee or a drink of beer. And I am envious of the freckles!!! I wish I were more freckly, a few on my nose do come out in the summer time! Have a wonderful day!

Dawn Gahan said...

Happy birthday to you! And to the 37 (plus a couple hundred more) wonderful things to celebrate about you! Enjoy your day to the fullest.


Leila said...

Happy belated birthday!

Keep laughing and dreaming! God bless!

i cant decide said...

Happy Birthday! I hope the remaining days pass quickly 'till your hubby is home.

Beck said...

wow, I loved reading this post! 37 things about you were amazing to read. I really enjoy your blog, I hope you have a really wonderful and happy birthday!! xoxo