Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall color week, Crayola style

Elsie Marley had the great idea of using Crayola inspired colors as an inspiration for Fall.

Check out her blog for other participants--or just to browse as she has some real inspiring ideas.

Today is my very favorite Crayola crayon color: Brick Red

What is your favorite childhood crayon color?


Carol said...

I am really enjoying seeing what everyone has posted for the Brick Red theme!!

I adore chickens (That makes me sound really odd...I'm not...well, ok, I am a wee bit but in a good way!!)

C x

Stephanie said...

I've always loved Pine Green.

Your chicken picture is great. :)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What do you think my favorite color is...brick red, of course! What a neat idea! I love crayons, too! Have fun!

The Pink Birdhouse said...

Love the idea of the crayon colors and everyone posting pictures of those colors. Who comes up with these fabulous ideas!! i wish that my mind worked like that.

as for your comment on my recent post, oh you are so right. I took all that time to get my son packed and just as you say, I am sure he will return home with the same ironed shirts, having worn the same one all week long and the same pair of jeans. I packed lots of socks, I hope he will at least change them! :-) I have to go now and get out my crayola crayon box and check the names, I can picture the color in my mind but have forgotten the name. it has been a while since I colored, as you can tell! Debby

M and E said...

I love your chickens! We had two that I think were the same kind, and our dumb HOA made us get rid of them! They were just getting ready to lay too!