Saturday, September 19, 2009

the trombonist

For those of you who read blogs to get inspired and see good ideas, I apologize.

Tonight all I have to share is a picture of my son, the trombonist. I think watching him on Friday night I let the stress of the week all come out. Have you ever been to a large gathering of energetic, happy people and become overwhelmed with emotion? All that cheering and whatnot. Maybe it's the sloppy burgers and nachos that has everyone smiley, whatever it is it makes me happy to see happy people. So I cry. Do you?

I thought by halftime I had inconspicuously cried all the water out of my body but when I saw my son marching and playing his trombone I was actually making strange gurgling noises trying to suppress my tears. Sam is....little. Do you see him there in the middle of the picture? Just a little, skinny kid marching with huge kids. I think I get emotional because it is a gift to see my kids be a part of something bigger than themselves. I wish as a world we could all work this hard, weaving in and out of the places we each need to be making it look beautiful at the same time.

That's all.
PS (okay that's not all)
I swear on the vintage green cake plate that I love love love and took from my sister's house because she was using it under a plant (gasp)--that I will be more cheery soon. In fact I will be colorful-- check out Elsie Marley on Monday for a list of Fall color pool participants.


Jeannine said...

What a very cute and emotional blog entry. Yes, I would have been crying too. How proud we are in times of happiness. It as if we have finally come together and agreed upon something. Take care of yourself.

Leila said...

I'm sorry you cried so much! But I bet you feel better. You were really stressed and then you had that moment of seeing things from far away -- how little our kids are, how manfully they try when they DO try, how good it is to see.

Enjoy your Sunday, and thinking about colors!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I've been thinking about you and wondering how your family felt after the accident. And how is your vehicle? I know that was a scary time! Great photo this morning! I know how proud a mother can be of her kids! This makes me want to go to a high school football game! lol

Dawn Gahan said...

My overabundance of tears almost cripples me at times. Harleigh is always checking me out at church and at community events, seeing if I'm balling. I can't give a donation to a fireman holding out a boot at an intersection without my lip quivering.

Cry on! Gals like us have huge hearts and should wear it proudly.


And thank you so much for the birthday wish!

Jemm said...

I love this post! I was a trumpet player and did marching band and even went camp. My 5th grade girl chose the trombone this year and I know what you mean about the "little-ness" of them. I would totally have been crying too, and probably will be in a few years time.