Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Crayola color week: goldenrod

Goldenrod evokes memories of yesterday. It's more than color really. It changes time.

For centuries days have ticked steadily by. One after another...slowly at first. Then they gain momentum until our memories are faded right along with the items we have collected along the way. They turn brittle and delicate and finally they turn a deep dark shade of yellow. This makes them magical in my mind. I sometimes feel these relatives from another era carefully recorded their fun times just for me. So I can sit in the corner of the cedar closet on a rainy day turning goldenrod pages and living vicariously through their memories.

It is only within the last couple years as my children are broad jumping into young adulthood that I feel our own memories being edged into that lovely goldenrod journey. I've come across pictures of my childhood that as if overnight look a little yellow around the edges. Has it really been that long since my mother would sit and sew and listen to John Denver as my sister and I would be making big plans with her scraps?

This is a pretty color, perhaps added into our lives softly to encourage us to find beauty in all we do.


Jess said...

That is one of the better John Denver albums! I also love Poems and Prayers and Promises.
Happy Color Week!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

These is a soft color that brightens things! Love it!

Juniper said...

what a nice reflection on the passing of time, the image of a rainy day and sitting on a cedar chest giving in to getting lost in old photos and cards is wonderful. Yes, sometimes it just catches you, time is really passing and it is nice to look back, and remember those moments.
Had an odd moment some months ago of trying to explain who John Denver was to my husband (clearly he never made it big in the Mediterranean) somehow grapenuts commercials came to mind and camping . He somehow just is so symbolic of that point in time. The hair cut, the whole thing.
I enjoyed reading your post.