Wednesday, November 11, 2009

chocolate milk and Fruit Loops

Last night I ran in the commissary on base for a few things. I found myself on the heels of two young airman as I went through each grocery aisle. Every year these young enlisted guys look younger and younger and truthfully I would have thought they were in high school had I not known they were enlisted.

They were very animated with their choices. "Dude...these are sooo good." I imagined what their mothers would think. It was during this time I realized something mind boggling. I realized my oldest could join the military if she wanted. She could sign on the dotted line and move somewhere far away and ride in armored vehicles and learn how to fire a weapon.

Isn't that exactly what these boys did? What many have done for years and years? It inspires me that so many have made this choice. My heart aches for the guys who didn't have a choice during WWII and Vietnam and other conflicts. I can't imagine what their mothers thought then.

I have had similar thoughts before but never with such intensity. I guess with K just returning and my mind still in that never-leave-me-again mode I want to shout Thank You from every mountainside.

Thank You. Especially to you, Ken.

In my own family thank you Grampy, Dad, Uncle John, Uncle Jim, Uncle Gordon, Uncle Lincoln, Uncle Jack.

I am honored to be related to such selfless people.

Hug a veteran.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh, I love your hug photo! And I will HUG my hubby again. He has a purple heart tag on his vehicle and I'm always proud when people say something to him when we are out and about. This is a wonderful post written from the heart. Thank you ...and HUGS to your hubby, too! WE have so much to be thankful for on this day of remembrance.

Jeannine said...

You always write with such intensity, whether filled with laughter or serious thought. When I get the time, I love to read your blog. Yes, you make such a good point. Glad your hubby is home. I have 39 days left to hug mine.

UJ said...

Thanks for the hug KD and for the heartfelt post. I took a minute to visit uncle Linc's grave yesterday and thank him as well.

Jemm said...

Very well said. Thank you, Ken.

Anonymous said...

It has been awhile since I have checked on my favorite blogs. How excited I was to see your husband back home! I am so happy for you! THANK YOU to your husband for serving this country. Glad you made it to San Antonio. Isn't the Alamo small? I always pictured it to be HUGE. Julie, Fort Worth

Shelley said...

So happy your family has been reunited with a merry heart for all...thank you so much for the sacrifices made by your husband and all your family in his time served away from home for our country and our son who is 17 and in his junior year in high school cannot wait to graduate so he can enlist in the Marines...that is all he has talked about since he was about 12.....blessings