Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Day Rebels

My sisters 1972
(please note how my mother extended the life of pants in our house.)

My parents have six kids--three girls and three boys. Our dinner table was large, we ate when my Dad got home from work. We weren't a particularly wild bunch but this was more or less a result of genetics...I think underneath our quiet and subdued personalities we each wanted to have a little rebel come out. For some reason this happened every year on Thanksgiving.

It wasn't Thanksgiving unless someone was excused from the table for excessive laughter. It escalated as we grew. Though I never liked seeing either of my parents angry I would be lying if I said it wasn't the most fun in the whole wide world to laugh until you choked on sweet potatoes.

It was at the Thanksgiving table that us younger kids carefully watched the older ones and took note of their careful use of dry humor and sarcasm. How they (I'm really speaking of you, Carl) won over the adults, quickly gaining respect for being so mature, then turn to their captive young audience and inconspicuously drop peas into some one's drink.

Hawaii 1975

future trouble maker sisters K in the white bikini and me with the kitty

Sadly we all grew up. Well, except for two of us. It was about 1988 when my sister and I were banned from sitting next to each other. It was tragic at first but quickly we learned to save our antics for after dinner.

my angelic sister L and me as a baby 1972

This year I won't be in Connecticut, but my heart will be. And please for the love of turkey and stuffing... while Nana is cooking will someone swipe her camera and take a few pictures of the toilet?


Jemm said...

What terrific memories you have and you tell them so well too. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Leila said...

Oh my. As an only child, I have no such memories!

I once tried to calm my husband down by telling him that it's not like the kids are against us. "What do you know!" he snorted.


The Dadman Diaries said...

Big smile. It was always so nice sitting next to Mikey - I never got up to get seconds, I'd simply take what I wanted off his plate after throwing a pea in his milk or licking his fork so he'd have to go get another one...He misses me, I know it. Actually wait - I miss you all!

UJ said...

It's my understanding that a new toilet will be in place soon, so the photos need to taken pronto!

Happy Thanksgiving and be safe!

Love ya,

The Pink Birdhouse said...

What fantastic memories of childhood holiday meals with your siblings. It sounds a bit like our own when us 5 were kids. I miss those rebellious days! Now we are all subdued respectable adults, well that is, until we get in the kitchen and my brother starts a wet dish towel fight, just for old times sake!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU AND YOURS: warmly, Debby

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What wonderful memories! I sure do miss my 4 sons and all of the fun we had on the holidays! Enjoy your sweet family! Happy Thanksgiving!

Juniper said...

Oh what a great post! Love the photos and the stories of fun and games in a big family (am the oldest of 5 so can related a bit). Makes me want to have a big family myself.

{Bellamere Cottage} said...


Warm blessings,