Saturday, November 7, 2009

living a simple life in a busy way

The weather here deserves a blue ribbon, crystal blue skies and perfect not-too-warm-or-cold sunny days. It parallels my spirits. Can you tell I'm happy? Does it make you nauseous? It feels strange to be happy.

We traveled to San Antonio to watch the trombonist perform. We went to the Alamo. Remember the Alamo? I'm glad I got to see it as you know how I feel about Davy Crockett. We bought Henry a cheesy coonskin seemed like the right thing to do.
We're home now and Ken has been cleaning the gutters and mowing the grass. I've been sitting in the house watching him out the windows.

It's November and I have many things to be thankful for.
One of which is blog friends. You've made my life even brighter.
Happy Saturday!


Leila said...

I'm glad you bought a coonskin cap. I bought one for my son on some shoe-string vacation (camping) we took at some point, and it just made him so happy for so long...until the dog chewed the tail :)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Seeing his smiling face and knowing how happy you are really makes me happy, too. I'm sure the kids are just going crazy over their Dad! We love to visit the Alamo. Our son is out of the Army now but he is still in San Antonio. Hope we can visit there soon! Enjoy the weekend! The weather here is fabulous, too! I just got back from walking!

Jemm said...

What great photos! Definitely NOT nauseating. It' the opposite of that, whatever that is :) Are you guys stationed at Ft. Hood?

We're hopefully going to San Antonio in January. I've never been there and have only been through the panhandle of Texas. It would be fun to meet you...

Stacey said...

Love San Antonio and the Alamo! I am originally from there. Love it when people go there to visit and they are shocked at how small it is.

Briana said...

I loved visiting the Alamo also. Our baby's name is David and I call him Davy Crockett all the time.