Tuesday, July 20, 2010

making magnets

This afternoon the kids were doodling pictures of each other at the kitchen table. They were laughing really hard because the pictures weren’t very nice. Lots of big teeth and boogers.

I interrupted their fun thinking it was a good time for a project. Only all too soon I realized it wasn’t because everything was a joke and my patience wore out real quick. I was cooking chicken and doing laundry at the same time and I was trying to explain what to do in my happy-mom-voice. Can you guess what happened next? I started yelling. For 10 minutes I stewed and steamed. (And I’m not talking about the chicken) It was some real fun! Don’t you want a play date at my house?


We were able to rescue my mood and soon had some crafty fun.

I think all these supplies came from Michael’s (Hi Leslie).

We painted and glued images onto wooden discs….working on several at a time to let them dry.

004 001003These craft paper tablets are from Martha Stewart.

009 005 After everything was dry we coated them with Triple Thick, it’s really glossy and almost looks like plastic when it’s dry. I like it a lot. I have urges to label everything and coat over the labels. This might be a problem.


These are Molly and Sam’s magnets. I think they had fun, after the yelling anyway.


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