Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer Afternoon


During the dullest days of winter the phrase “summer afternoon” makes me think of the front porch, a gentle breeze and lemonade. Today was a moment of that.


As I sat there listening to the breeze which ironically sounds very similar to the sea air that blows back home, I day dreamed of happy things.


Like a green Old Towne canoe. I want one.

Truth be told—even though we have a good sized pond I can’t set a foot or boat in it as I read a horrid account on Lonesome Dove that included a young boy getting caught in a nest of water moccasin snakes (This wasn’t one of the happy thought daydreams, by the way.)


Fenwick in Old Saybrook, CT on the other hand is a very happy daydream. This is where Katherine Hepburn lived and it is so very beautiful. It juts out on the ocean so stately and yet though there is sand and water abounding there is lush grass for an impromptu game of croquet.

From the time I got my drivers license I have driven by this property on lazy country drives. On those days when you don’t really want to go anywhere but you don’t want to go home either. What’s your favorite place? Do you have a favorite country drive?


Jemm said...

Your pictures are so pretty they made me do a big sigh. I long to go to the east coast some day and see places like that. I'm reading a chic lit book called "Barefoot" by Elin Hilderbrand. It's just an easy summer read that takes place on Nantucket Island. Excuse me, I'm suddenly thirsty for some lemonade.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

We took a favorite country ride to the border of NC and TN yesterday and saw a lot of canoes on the French Broad river. I would love to go out in one...but wonder how my arms would feel the next day. That sounds old, doesn't it? heeheee...or boohoo! ♥ Pour me another glass! ♥

Leslie said...

I just feel right at home, I want to pull up a chair and relax on your porch with a lemonaid.
So pretty!

Dawn said...

Your porch looks so Inviting! Our porch is over 100 degrees and there's nothing inviting about it!

Jackie said...

Now that is a front porch where I'd like to sit and drink lemonade too...with you!

Thanks for showing us the Hepburn home...what a treat. I can just imagine her life there...

We have an island called Whidbey Island filled with cute towns and bed and breakfast. You can peek out to the San Juan Islands where the whales migrate to and from Alaska. Eagles nest there and the country road winds from one end of the island to the other. A state park on the ocean, The Captain Whidbey Inn, coves and inlets and even a lake and offers it all...time to jump in the car and GO!

thefabledneedle (jen) said...

what a cool pitcher! :)