Tuesday, May 17, 2011

a few things

  If I had to pick a favorite toy from my childhood it would probably have to be Strawberry Shortcake dolls.  I loved them like they were real people. 


These are from my childhood. 

Though I’ve tried to stay away from sales (because we have a crud load of stuff to move) I couldn’t help myself when Maggie and I stumbled on a sale.  I was giving her a driving lesson and we were in this cute little neighborhood, looking back it’s kind of like the car just drove there on its own.


We found these dolls, and a crud load (phrase of the day, I guess) of stuff.   I want to open them and smell their musty/fruity smell. 

And if that isn’t exciting enough I’m going to leave in a minute to pick up our oldest gurl at the teeny tiny airport.  She is flying on a teeny tiny plane to come visit us, her family.


She overslept this morning and woke to her taxi honking outside.  She texted me to tell me she forgot her computer charger and her underwear.  I texted her back that it is okay because I am her mother and I will buy her new underwear.

And lastly I shall tell you that on Friday as my shy son Sam was about to leave for a banquet dinner he asked if he could wear some of his Dad’s cologne.  I said no but I’m sure I had a (SAY WHAT???) kind of look on my face.  He has yet to shave and still has peach fuzzy cheeks like his little brother.


Though now that Sam is older I don’t kiss his cheeks as much as I used to.  It’s not so much as a kiss really, it’s more like a mwuh mwuh which lucky for me Henry doesn’t mind a bit.


It looks as if he is playing with a chewed up piece of pizza, but it’s Play Doh.  When you are four you have to mix the colors even though this can be very upsetting for those around you who are in the 8 yr old age range.

Shall we summarize today’s word usage?

crud load- 2




Happy day, friends!



~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I just found 2 little nakie dollies at the Thrift store and I wonder if they are Strawberry shortcake dolls! I'll post them soon for you to see! OK...Nakie...I used it once so add it to the list! heehee! ♥

Dawn said...

How the heck do those dolls keep their scent for twenty some years???? I love them!

Jemm said...

You are a goofball! I love Strawberry Shortcake too. I bought my daughter a new set when she was about 5. She doesn't play with it anymore. WAAAAH!! I guess she is 12 now...

Anonymous said...

boobs?! does that get higher usage sometimes? lol.

Andi said...

Except boobs was used in the last sentence, so now it's technically "1."

And I still have my Strawberry shortcakes...And my girls bust them out and occasionally play with them...And they still smell...And they still have their hats on, because if you take the hat off their hair gets messed up, and that totally freaked my world, so my girls do not take off the hats either!

FYI: My girls also love to play with my Gingham Girls paper dolls! Yes, my mother saved everything!

Anonymous said...

What a fun post to read.
I too loved Strawberry Shortcake. I also loved my brothers Star Wars people.
I may have to look for Strawberry Shortcake for my niece.

likeschocolate said...

We havea 4 year old play doh mixing expert here in our home, and I loved Strawberry Shortcake too. I think I saw some in target the other day and came close to buying some for our baby girl on our way.

Jacqueline said...

Happy Day in deed. Gosh, you have a way with words and a way to make us all smile!

I've been through my son wanting to wear his Ninja Turtle shirt for days on end and the day he wanted to pierce his ear at age 7 and have a mohawk at age 9 and dye his hair blond at 10 and then one day he came home in his late teens and announced he had sex! His comment was...I wish I had never done that, it was no big deal. My goodness...just being real with ya and remembering my son. Now he shaves every day and wishes he just had peach fuzz!

Prairie Rose said...

I never had strawberry shortcake dolls,in fact never really heard of them (I kinda feel like I must have grew up under a rock or something right now)
My favorite toy when I was a child was a stuffed beagel named Evie.
Also, I played outside in the mud alot, so I guess Mud????

Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

Strawberry Shortcake dolls are cute, but your children are adorable. All of 'em.

Briana said...

I loved strawberry shortcake also. Sadly, I got rid of my dolls before I had little girls and now regret it. Amazing find! I would much rather have the original dolls for them to play with.

Jennifer Bontrager said...

Oh I am so jealous of your find. I collect vintage Strawberry Shortcake items and they are pretty hard to find. What a lucky day!