Monday, May 9, 2011


I have happy memories of eating lunch with my grandparents.  They called it dinner  and called dinner supper.  And my Grampy called hot dogs weiners, which would make some of us laugh into our napkins.  “WHO WANTS ANOTHER WEINER?”  (How can you not laugh?) 

Anyway, I like lunch best.  Lunch at the picnic table with a big platter of sandwiches cut into triangles, a pitcher of tea and a bowl of sliced pickles. If we are lucky there will be some leftover cake or pie that will generously be divided up so we can wash the dish…as if we need an excuse to finish cake.


Summertime lunches is what I thought of as I made these bibs for a friends baby.  Bibs are fun to make and if you are a mom you know you can’t ever have enough.  I wonder how long I could sit and make bibs before I get tired of it?


Have you ever tried Sarabeth’s jam?  I tried it on a whim because it has no corn syrup.  I buy mine at Tuesday Morning… this store is kind of hit or miss when it comes to good stuff, our local one is pretty good but I’ve been in others that are pretty junky.  The jam is also sold at William’s Sonoma and Whole Foods.  It is really good- and I’m not getting paid to say that!  We buy a  lot of it:


The jars have measuring cup markings which make it hard to recycle them, we use them for everything from painting and art:


To summertime treats:


Frozen Lemonade with Berries from Victoria magazine in the 1990’s.  These are great for picnics as they double as ice for the cooler and dessert.


That recipe inspired my whole post as I pulled it out because our weather is crazy hot.  I took this off the tv this morning…


Someone will have to remind me of this post when we are in our new home and I’m complaining about snow.


I hope you had a great Mother’s Day…we went skating, I told my kids to wear long socks only I didn’t look at Molly until she was getting out of the car at the rink…


Don’t you wish you were still seven?


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Yes...7 is a really fun age! And I'll look for that jam! I have a 'thing' for jelly...I'm always buying more... and different flavors! I had Polaner brand Black Cherry...all fruit, no sugar tonight on a biscuit! OH MY! Have you tried it? ♥ Hugs! ♥

Andi said...

My daughter dressed last weekend for a big track meet that ended up being cancelled. Anyway, she had to wear a school shirt...which is blue, and she put on blue shorts that were a different color from her shirt...And she wore BRIGHT PINK socks. Pulled all the way to her knees.

I thought she looked adorable. Yes, some moms would have made their kid, but I tend to just smile and shake my head and let her live.

And she will totally grip at me someday when she sees all of her pictures dressed like a wacko.

Briana said...

Lol. I think her socks make her outfit awesome!

Jemm said...

I love the bibs! You are so creative. I really like that lemonade idea. It has been so hot here too-95 today and more of the same tomorrow. Your daughter is a cutie and I'm so impressed you went skating. I've never been able to roller skate.

Dawn said...

I don't really want to be seven but I'd like to be as adventurous as a seven year old!! That lemonade looks great!

Jacqueline said...

I just read your post about Ken before I came to the Molly post and the jam...

Today is my husbands birthday and I feel so blessed like you do. You write so eloquent and I always enjoy reading your post.

Tee hee...I met my husband in the grocery store. He happens to know quite a bit about the grocery store still. He is a manager of one. I met him over the deli counter and then we ran into each other at church. The sermon was on temptation and two years later...I married him. I guess the temptation got to us. I'm still tempted to love him for the rest of our lives. Smile!

He calls me either Little Missy or Wacky Jackie and I call him Chubalub...and we love each other MASS.

Prairie Rose said...

I love your daughters outfit. So fun!
Your memories of your grandparents are just precious.
Have a great day!

likeschocolate said...

The frozen lemonade is such a great idea. Thanks for sharing.