Saturday, July 30, 2011


It often seems that all us humans rush around doing this and that.  It seems like we are in search of something whether it’s that perfect vase at the home store or a certain kind of shampoo.  We waste half the day in transit.  I always wonder what it is we are looking for because deep inside I know it’s not the vase or shampoo. 

As I age I realize what I’m looking for is within myself.  It’s right here.  A little bit of happy solace.  It really doesn’t take much.


A few moments to sit with an open window and realize the birds are chirping, that dinner can wait, that everyone is okay. 

I can obsess about everything that needs doing… and often I do, but I am learning to reckon with these rare moments when I can just sit and listen to the sounds of my life.  


I have a little room in this house that beckons me each day to sit a minute.  I love the oldness of it.  It feels like a woman from the 1800’s was just in here sewing by the window. 


It feels gentle, like only happy thoughts must be thought. 


Molly and I sat and made loom potholders on one of those red toy looms.  We spoke to each other and after a time just sat in the quiet and wove those little nylon bands over and over until my fingers were cramped.



Someday when the kids are grown and my husband has relegated himself to having a huge belly and reading three newspapers a day I will miss these days of having to find quiet.  It seems a far away thought, but having brought my oldest to the airport on Thursday to fly far away because she is a grown-up and has an exciting life of her own, really makes me realize how fast time goes by.  Too fast….much too fast!

How do you spend your “me-time”? 

Happy weekend to you!


Andi said...

I read. Or bake. Or swim with my kids...Wait, maybe that's not me time. Every morning I try to get up before the rest of the world to sit on the back porch and watch the sun rise. That is ideal me time. Except it's really my "God time." However, that makes me a better me, so there ya go!

Shann said...

I love the wallpaper in that room!! It does look like a woman from the 1800's would be sitting in that wing back chair sewing. :) I love it! I like to spend my me time sewing or creating something with my hands. I usually make something to give away to someone else...but I enjoy doing that. :) Have a wonderful day!

Prairie Rose said...

What a lovely room!
I am so happy you have such a pretty place to go to!
I dont really have such an escape.
If I need some "me time",I go for a walk or take a bath.
Someday I hope to have such a gentle room to go to:)
Have a great day, friend!

Leslie said...

Gentle is the perfect title!! I love the room, I can see how you could relax there.
My me time.. I usually cook or craft something. I have a hard time sitting still.

Have a great Tuesday

Leila said...

Very pretty! It looks like you've lived there forever! I'm so happy for you, and can't wait to see every corner.

My me time-- I love sitting on my deck. It's like camping, only without all the people :)

Paula said...

My me time has recently been invaded by my hubby and kids. I LOVE watching the stars appear. It happens after the rush of dinner and daily chores. My me time err um family quiet moment isn't complete until I see a couple of falling stars aka meteors.

Jemm said...

Usually reading or on the computer. I am looking forward to school that wrong? I am feeling really selfish lately.

Jemm said...

See I didn't even talk about your beautiful house at all...It is SO pretty by the way.

Anonymous said...

I adore your blog. Much time passes between my visits but I am always so happy to have a chance to nestle in a cozy spot and read the posts I have missed. Your new home is so charming! I happen to really like the blue floors! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and snippets of your life with us.
Cheers, Cece